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  • Cómo elegir un buen regalo para un niño/a

    How to choose a good gift for a child

    How to choose a good gift for a boy or girl? Very simple: letting them play freely! Toys are essential for children's fun and learning, although it is true that from simple board games to complex puzzles, there seem to be...

  • Ideas para invitaciones de cumpleaños | Sorpresas Divertidas

    Ideas for birthday invitations | Fun Surprises

    A good party starts with the invitation: ideas, examples and tips There are several moments in children's lives that deserve a good celebration, whether it is their birthday, their first communion, when school ends or some other special event. But...

  • Libros infantiles: el mundo de los Nadurines

    Children's books: the world of the Nadurines

    Children's books: The world of the Nadurines The children's books They are a fantastic territory to nurture the learning and fun of children and as they have let us know on our social networks, the Nadurines deserved their own story to be...

  • ¿Cómo comprar bebés reborn originales?

    How to buy original reborn babies?

    It is likely that if you are reading this it is because you have begun to be interested in the art of reborn dolls or babies and you want to buy an original reborn baby or something close to them....

  • El mejor juguete para esta Navidad

    The best toy for this Christmas

    At Fun Surprises we have a wide collection of toys for children and among them is our original product and manufactured in Spain , The Nadurines. Why can these dolls be a big present for this Christmas? They are irresistible! And we don't say...

  • ¿Cuándo empiezan los niños y las niñas a jugar con muñecas?

    When do boys and girls start playing with dolls?

    We know that boys and girls start playing with dolls from the first months of life...but when do they start doing it specifically? According to various studies, it is most common for children to show greater interest in these toys...