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What are Nadurines?

The Nadurines are the inhabitants of the magical island of Nadur , a hidden place in our world.

From this island, the Nadurines are responsible for taking care of the nature of the entire planet Earth.

What are the Nadurines like?

They are beings very similar to us, we can only differentiate them by their pointed and slightly drooping ears, they are always accompanied by their Toris and have an unmistakable character , there is no human on earth with the same harmony and optimism as a Nadurín!


They are animals with magic that are always born together with a Nadurín, inseparable for life, they usually have a character opposite to that of their Nadurín.

The Nadurines receive their powers thanks to the flash that the Toris give them.

How are Nadurines born?

The Nadurines are born from the elements of nature:


Types of Nadurines

  • Neala


    She is a daughter of the EARTH ,
    sweet and very tender loves
    to his friends and always
    is willing to
    help others.

    Favorite colors: Fuchsia and green

    Hobbies: Planting seeds and caring for flowers.

  • Nil


    This beautiful baby is a child of WATER , with a calm and fun character, he can spend hours watching the waves of the sea.

    Favorite colors: Blue and pink.

    Hobbies: Turn off all the water taps.

  • Petra


    The most "sparkling" baby in Nadur. Petra is the daughter of FIRE , passionate and very funny.
    He loves to learn new things and never runs out of batteries.

    Favorite colors: Orange and red

    Hobbies: Playing all day and having hair done.

  • Malik


    Sweet fur baby
    toast, he is a son of AIR .
    He still has a hard time speaking clearly but finds it very easy to make his friends laugh.

    Favorite colors: Yellow and brown.

    Hobbies: Sleep, sleep and... sleep!

The Toris

  • Darwin


    This curious and fun hamster is Neala's Tori.

    Favorite food: Carrots and grape juice.

  • Marie


    She is Nil's Tori, a charming and affectionate female octopus with a French accent.

    Favorite food: Seaweed of all kinds.

  • Edison


    This tender dragon is Petra's Tori. She doesn't even take her bag off to sleep!

    Favorite food: Anything with chocolate.

  • Sally


    The smartest of the bees! He's Malik's Tori and he looks like a flying encyclopedia.

    Favorite food: Honey and flowers.


Play and pamper the planet


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