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Cómo elegir un buen regalo para un niño/a

How to choose a good gift for a child

How to choose a good gift for a boy or girl? Very simple: letting them play freely! Toys are essential for children's fun and learning, although it is true that from simple board games to complex puzzles, there seem to be so many toys and game dynamics that it seems difficult to know what is best.

Thus, in this article we will show you from the simplest and most universal toys to specific models that your little ones will love. Go for it! ?

Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube

The most complicated puzzle for different generations is an entertaining toy that can also be among the most stimulating and educational. Because? The cube helps to learn concepts such as size, directions and spatial relationships, which in turn can benefit, for example, performance in mathematics.

But not only that!: it creates camaraderie while being entertained. Imagine your little one bragging to his friends that he managed to solve the cube! The Rubik's Cube can also train your memory and make it more agile.

plastic dolls

disney maribel madrigal doll

But not just any doll: how about one inspired by some of Disney's most recent films? We have on offer this Mirabel de Encanto model which is quite difficult to achieve. The box comes with a dress, a pair of shoes, earrings and glasses for Mirabel, who measures 38cm.

We have previously talked about the importance of dolls for children's social learning, as they establish friendships with them and imitate the social interactions of their environment, an essential process for them to learn basic communication skills.

And don't worry, nothing happens if children play with dolls . wink

Waldorf Rainbow

Waldorf Rainbow

A toy with multiple purposes: it's pretty, good and cheap. Its pleasant aesthetics make it a decorative object, so it is common for parents to buy this toy even before the boy or girl is born.

Often created with sustainable materials, the Waldorf rainbow has endless possibilities for free play, which is why there is no point in collecting play forms: the little one will simply experiment and let their creativity run wild with it!

This toy exists in many variations on the market, with different colors apart from the classic rainbow-inspired color palette. The most normal thing is to find two sizes: six and twelve pieces. This toy can be used from the first year of age to wherever the little one wants.

How about toys to raise awareness?

As you can see, play is a way for children to begin to get to know the world around them, learning mobility, social skills, space skills... But let's imagine something, how about toys that, in essence, transmit values ​​such as respecting the climate and love animals? surprise

Nadurines Dolls

best-selling nadurines dolls

Our toy line Nadurines fulfills this purpose: with the motto “play and pamper the planet” we build the story of Nádur Island, where magical beings live that represent each element of the earth, which they are responsible for taking care of. However, they have lost their powers due to human activity... And now they seek help from all the children to regain their lost balance.

Mixing fantasy with awareness to also ensure that the little ones learn a lot in their own way about such a serious and current issue, while having fun.

All nadurines come with:

  • A recycling box that serves as a home
  • Ecological markers
  • a stuffed animal

nadurines house box


  • They are made of vinyl and measure 38cm
  • High quality materials
  • Usable from 3 years
  • Does not have batteries

Table games

family board games

As children grow, they begin to develop more complex skills, so they are ready for more complex games that challenge their brain.

In this second stage of childhood, which usually begins at age 6, it is a good idea to add more board games. Ludo, puzzles, and by extension… Cards! These games teach values ​​such as strategy, critical thinking and conflict resolution, while at the same time concepts such as competition or hierarchies will be known.

Furthermore, with so much technology around, these games disconnect us from screens, which is very important for our boys and girls to regulate.

reborn dolls

reborn babies for girls

Among children who hope to have a sister or brother soon or you simply observe a favoritism towards babies, a good idea to familiarize them with their lives is to buy one. reborn doll : created to imitate the beauty and realism of the collectible reborn, this type of doll is ideal for play dynamics that imitate baby care, which is an excellent way to introduce yourself to both reborn art and how we should care for a real baby.

In our store we have a wide variety of reborn dolls and babies for all types of budgets, which are recommended for children from 3 years old and in some cases, with adult supervision (reborn baby is not the same as reborn doll,  we explain here ).

Do you need more ideas?

To finish, we emphasize a couple of details: for example, it doesn't matter if your little one plays with cars or dolls! Toys have no gender and boys and girls can enjoy all types of toys in the same way.

With children under 3 years old, don't worry: as long as they don't contain small parts, are toxic, flammable and sharp... Anything can be a toy! Just be patient. wink

It is best for the little ones to have a wide selection of toys; depending on their personality, they are likely to become more attached to some than others. In our store we have dolls, accessories and even our own story of Los Nadurines (which is also perfect for reading to the little ones).

Besides, on the official channel You can see countless game dynamics with these dolls and other toys. heart


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