A good party starts with the invitation: ideas, examples and tips

There are several moments in children's lives that deserve a good celebration, whether it is their birthday, their first communion, when school ends or some other special event.

But all parties require planning and this starts with the invitation. To help you organize a celebration that everyone will remember, we have some helpful tips on those all-important invitations.

3 great invitation ideas

There are many different ways to plan the perfect children's party invitations. What you choose will mainly depend on your time availability, level of crafting experience, and your budget. Here are three simple but effective invitation ideas to get you started:

1.Handmade invitations

Invitations for birthdays, first communion or other special events are not difficult to make and can create a fun and unique feel to the event theme. If your child is old enough, you can even involve them in the experience and let them make their own creative decisions.

All you really need to make the invitations are colored cardstock, glue stick, pens, pencils and markers, scissors, paint and any other decorative elements such as pressed flowers or stickers. Let your imagination run wild and create personalized invitations that all your guests will love.

    2.Themed invitations that match your party

    If your party has a theme, it can be a fun idea to introduce it into the invitation. Although themes are usually associated with birthday parties, you can create a theme for any celebration you want.

    That way, guests can have a better idea of ​​what to expect at the party and can come dressed and prepared to participate in the appropriate attire. It can also be a fun preparation process for the birthday child in question, adapting them to the theme of their party.

    3.Invitations that include a surprise

    Why wait for the party to distribute the gifts? Adding a little surprise to the invitation gets people excited about the upcoming event and gives them something to play with in the meantime. You can include a coloring sheet, bubbles, stickers, funny badges or sweets to spark excitement about the party. You could, for example, organize a baby shower for your first doll and gift a pacifier either a diaper to each invited child.

    Most children love receiving gifts, and adding something, no matter how small, is a sweet gesture that everyone will appreciate. Plus, it teaches your little one about the gift of giving and receiving.

    Examples of invitations: what to add to your invitations

    If you're not used to the process of writing invitations, it can be difficult to know exactly what to put in them. But don't worry, if you feel lost, follow these steps for invitations:

    • Date: includes the day, to avoid confusion.
    • Hour: Establishing a beginning and an end ensures that no one is late or overstays their welcome.
    • Location address: Provides clear details so no one gets lost.
    • Names of invited attendees: especially important if you are not preparing food for siblings or parents.
    • Gift preferences: If you have specific ideas about what toys you want the kids to play with and which ones you don't, add this information to your invitations.
    • Special notes: If it's a themed party, you may want to include a dress code or a brief description of the games that will be played.
    • Information to confirm attendance: your phone number or email address so guests can easily contact you.

    These details are really all you need to create an informative and clear invitation. Don't feel the need to complicate it. All guests really need to know is when, where, why and what will happen at the event and have an easy way to RSVP ahead of time.

    Tips and information for invitations

    It's always helpful to have additional information available for the birthday party invitation design and sending process. From basic etiquette to choosing a theme, we've got you covered:

    1.Invitations etiquette

    People have been throwing parties for thousands of years. And throughout history, certain traditions and etiquettes have emerged to help give structure and purpose to these special occasions in our lives.

    Here are some of the most important ones you should know:

    • Food allergies - If you are serving a particular type of food, mention it so that people with allergies can avoid it or bring the necessary medication to avoid a reaction.

    • Purpose of the party - Specifying why the party is being held helps people distinguish it from a normal game or a different type of celebration. Whether it is a first communion, a party for his ninth birthday or a first-year party, communicate this clearly in the invitation.

    • Special instructions - If the party has a theme or is game-related, guests may need to come prepared. You may need to bring a flashlight, tool, or special gift .

    • Delivery specifications - Some locations require specific instructions. If it's a child's birthday party, you may want to clarify that parents can drop off their kids instead of staying the entire time. Consider these factors when writing your invitations.

    Providing these little extra details helps your guests and their guardians better prepare for the party and ensure that everyone stays safe, happy, and satisfied throughout the duration of the event.

    2.When to send the invitations

    You should send invitations 2-3 weeks before the event date. If you are making the invitations yourself, make sure you have enough time to do so. Or, if you're asking personalized themed invitations , make sure they will arrive well in advance. You need to give people enough time to prepare for the party, while keeping the date close and easy to remember.

    3.How to choose a theme for a birthday party

    If you're throwing a birthday party for a child, it can be difficult to know what theme to choose. However, you can find inspiration by talking to them about their favorite things. The best birthday party themes reflect your child's personality and celebrate their uniqueness.

    Easy, stress-free party planning

    A birthday party is a special event in any child's life. But for the adult who has to plan it, it often feels more stressful than special.

    However, with the right invitations, organizing the most fun birthday party for your child can be much easier. Invitations set the tone for the entire party that follows, making them one of the most crucial components of any celebration.

    With these tips, you can throw a beautiful party that your child and all their friends will remember for years.

    Written by:

    Laura Carrasco

    Writer & Editor

    Cotton Bird