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Libros infantiles: el mundo de los Nadurines

Children's books: the world of the Nadurines

Children's books: The world of the Nadurines

The children's books They are a fantastic territory to nurture the learning and fun of children and as they have let us know on our social networks, the Nadurines deserved their own story to be told. Now, it finally will be!

Tale of the Nadurines of Nuria

The world of the Nadurines It is the first official book of Fun Surprises and in the form of an illustrated story, it tells in detail the origin and characteristics of the magical babies of Nadur Island. We would only be missing the movie!

Here we will reveal some details about this children's book and what you can expect from it.

Go for it!

What is the world of the Nadurines like?

The world of the Nadurines is a children's book which has many drawings with that fantastic style inspired by anime and manga that can be seen in the official video game, it is a great work by the same illustrator!

Educational illustrated story

And as you will see throughout the book, many details are hidden in the illustrations, even from the first moment: the initial pages have a print with the four Nadurines feeding on their favorite food.

As the summary clearly states, The World of the Nadurines is a story that begins with its author: a little 7-year-old Núria is surprised on what seemed to be just another ordinary morning. Why was she so amazed?

Because after looking out the window she saw that her entire surrounding landscape had changed: a ship was waiting for her bound for an unknown place and Núria, a born explorer, wrote down each discovery on her trip to what would become the great Island of Nadur.

Now this diary of knowledge and anecdotes from little Núria can be in your hands. Where do nadurines come from? As they are? Why do they need Toris? What do the names of each tori and nadurín mean? What can the daily life of a nadurín be like?

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  • ✔ The Nadurines and the Toris will give you multiple tips on caring for nature.

  • ✔ You can receive the nadurines story signed by Núria and with words dedicated especially to you, in addition to taking an ecological pen with the Fun Surprises logo. What should you do? Just buy it from our store and fill in the box for who the story is directed to.

  • ✔️ This children's book has a few note sheets where you can play and write down your discoveries. You will see them in the last pages.

  • ✔ Núria did not imagine that she would be able to publish her first book so soon, but the motivation and joy that her little ones give her helped her to build this book now. That is why you will see a dedication to his two children, Clàudia and Carles.

The idea of ​​writing a book about the Nadurines was a dream for Núria from the first phases of the Funny Surprises project.

"Our fandom was growing and it was clear that we didn't just want to offer a couple of dolls but a deep story that is necessary to tell today." A story that involved a solid philosophy about caring for the environment and animals. What things will worry parents more today than climate change that could make the lives of their sons and daughters more difficult?

Now, without the limitations of video or video game formats, we can tell not only more of the story of the nadurines, but also how their values ​​are transmitted to real life. ❤️

What to expect from the Nadurines' children's book

Children's story with drawings

Of course, what this children's book offers the most is fantasy, adventure and mystery with doses of humor and science. If you have already seen our gameplays or other YouTube videos, you will see that, although we try to accentuate the importance of some values, the fun is never lost. Hey, there's a reason we're Fun Surprises!

In the official video game there are six stories (and only one free) telling some adventures of the beings of Nadur, where you must help the characters to fulfill their missions as guardians of nature.

Nadurines app game and pamper the planet

Who can read it?

The children's book about the Nadurines is aimed at readers from approximately five years old, since in reality it is not a simple story, it has more history and therefore for younger children it is better to enjoy it in the company of representatives. How about reading them a couple of stories about the Nadurines before bed?

And, of course, there is no age limit to read the stories. For parents or others who don't actually have sons or daughters, the book will be relaxing and stimulating. After all, it is a book written with care and love for the superfans of the community.

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And if your little one reads it, rest assured that it will have its advantages on a pedagogical level:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Reasoning
  • Language
  • Imagination
  • Learning
The story is also available on Amazon , Fnac, La Casa del Libro and other stores and bookstores.

First time here?

The Nadurines dolls have a long history behind them: Nadur Island is a remote place where the Nadurines are, magical babies who are in charge of taking care of the planet, but due to human unconsciousness they have been losing their powers, and the Wise Bird, who was in charge of bringing them to planet Earth, has noticed that the nadurines need the help of human beings to recover, little by little, their powers.

Nadurines dollhouse box

There are four Nadurines and each one with a little animal that granted them the powers of the elements of nature! Are:

  • Neala and Darwin, children of the earth
  • Malik and Sally, children of the air
  • Petra and Edison, children of fire
  • Nil and Marie, children of the water

The main channel of Fun Surprises It has more than 6 million subscribers, although our star product is the Nadurines, we have offered a multitude of reborn dolls and babies from other brands, as well as reviews and advice to enter the beautiful world of children's play.

We are very grateful to the #SuperFans community, thanks to them all this has been possible!


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