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  • 7 Curiosidades de los Bebés Reborn

    7 Curiosities about Reborn Babies

    These are the 7 curiosities about Reborn Babies that I share with you today and perhaps you didn't know... The reborn babies They are a controversial topic for some people, but the reality is that these extremely realistic dolls are highly valued...

  • cuaderno_bebe_reborn

    My reborn baby's notebook

    My reborn baby's notebook " My reborn baby's notebook " by Surprises Dipuestas is one of the first dynamic notebooks—perhaps the first!—in Spain created with the sole purpose of recording the dynamics of play with our reborn babies or realistic...

  • ¿Cómo comprar bebés reborn originales?

    How to buy original reborn babies?

    It is likely that if you are reading this it is because you have begun to be interested in the art of reborn dolls or babies and you want to buy an original reborn baby or something close to them....

  • ¿Qué son los bebés reborn?

    What are reborn babies?

    reborn babies They are works of art or dolls very similar to real babies that are usually made with artisanal processes. Some dolls are more realistic than others, require special care, or are collectible. However, there is a wide variety of...

  • ¿Dónde puedo comprar a la bebé reborn Lindea?

    Where can I buy the Lindea reborn baby?

    Are you looking for Lindea and can't find her anywhere? If so, this post is for you. LINDEA AND BEN We know that the reborn baby Lindea is a character that has been very successful on our YouTube channel, but...

  • Cuidados básicos para un bebé reborn de silicona

    Basic care for a silicone reborn baby

    Reborn baby dolls made of silicone are as realistic as they are delicate, so these dolls are not like any other: they hide wonderful art and very fine techniques, and above all, they require a lot of care! Just as...