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Cuidados básicos para un bebé reborn de silicona

Basic care for a silicone reborn baby

Reborn baby dolls made of silicone are as realistic as they are delicate, so these dolls are not like any other: they hide wonderful art and very fine techniques, and above all, they require a lot of care! Just as if it were a real baby, saving the distance, of course.

One thing is clear and that is that reborn babies are there to cultivate beautiful moments of joy, affection and responsibilities similar to a real baby. In addition, it is very important to clarify the two most common types of reborn babies: those made with vinyl and those made with silicone. .

And throughout this article we will see some of the most relevant tips to take care of our silicone reborn baby. Why do we focus on specific care for silicone reborn babies? Well, because vinyl ones require other care and we must understand these differences to avoid poor maintenance of the doll. That being said, let's get to it!

How to bathe a silicone reborn baby?

The Alma doll bathing

Unlike the Reborn babies made with vinyl , which are more common and traditional, reborn babies made with silicone can be bathed and so they can be kept clean. Of course, we can bathe it even just once a month very carefully. Even so, it should not be a regular activity: humidity is bad for reborns!

What will we need for the bathroom? First of all, a little water at room temperature or warm (never hot), we will use a neutral soap gel and a natural sponge, which if we don't have one, the best option would be an ultra-soft sponge. Everything from a baby bathtub or a basin, the first option is most recommended.

It is important that we start bathing very gently to avoid any damage to the texture and paint of the silicone. A curious characteristic of these silicone babies is that, if we are not very careful, they get dirty quickly: with lint, dust, etc.

Accessories included in the Fun Surprises bath time basket

And of course, this is part of the game! Well, real babies require even more complex care than in this case. Of course, we can help avoid dirt with a mattifying powder, applying with a brush at the end of the bath, so we wouldn't have to bathe the reborn baby so often.

Hair and face care

And what do we apply to the hair? Very simple!: a little spray conditioner with a soft bristle brush or a toothbrush. Sometimes it is enough to moisten with water but yes: you have to do this only when necessary. Hair is very delicate and can lose its volume or quality if it is not given the necessary care. The reason is that this hair is generally not glued or sewn internally.

Anuk reborn doll

And hair washing or maintenance has to be brief and a separate activity from bathing. This is to protect the reborn's head, not just its hair. When you need to dry his face, use a washcloth or leave him in light, indirect sun exposure.

And if you are wondering where you can get some of the products necessary to care for a reborn baby, know that our friend Coco Reborn offers them as one of the many accessories for her own original reborn baby dolls, made completely by hand. and personalized.

What you should do and don't do with Silicone Reborn

It is good to remember that reborn baby accessories can be the same as those of a real baby, however, this does not apply to care. Some products such as talcum powder or alcohol are completely prohibited for a reborn. Take note!

And regarding this, let's put aside for a moment the tips on what we should do and recapitulate, rather, those habits that we should avoid at all costs:

  • Expose the body with cologne or talcum powder. If you want to use some perfume, let it be in a small amount on your clothes, but not on the silicone.
  • Also do not rub your body with any sharp element, including long nails!
  • Do not use hot water for baths.
  • Do not use, under any context, a latex and cream item.
  • Don't pull your hair when you need to do a hairstyle. Instead, do it with care and preferably with a brush with soft baby bristles.
  • Avoid any product with the component aloe vera : damages the silicone.
  • Avoid friction during bathing, drying or dressing.

Of course: each reborn baby ( from Fun Surprises with Coco Reborn ) comes with very detailed instructions in its box, and don't worry because it is not at all difficult to follow. The key is to treat the reborn baby almost as if it were real, that is:

  • How do we catch it? very carefully! We are not going to take him by a limb, nor will we have to forcefully insert a pacifier. However, for the latter, the trick is usually simple: squeeze your cheeks a little and that's it, your mouth will be open!
  • Use special reborn care products: for example, a mattifying powder made by and for them.
  • Be careful with the body in general, but especially the neck area. Silicone reborns are especially soft and smooth.
  • Protect it from high and low temperatures.

Silicone Reborn Baby Carles

These are the basic care that every reborn needs. As you can see, these are collectible artistic dolls of a handmade nature, which, in fact, you can enjoy with your daughter or son (of course, they should only enjoy them with your guidance and authorization). If you already know us, you will have seen them in our videos. Most of them are from Coco Reborn! You can see the finesse of his work.

We remind you that you can learn much more about reborn babies and our stories with them and more through our profiles on Youtube , Facebook and Instagram . We publish often! And there are always new accessories, promotions and videos from there.


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