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7 Curiosidades de los Bebés Reborn

7 Curiosities about Reborn Babies

These are the 7 curiosities about Reborn Babies that I share with you today and perhaps you didn't know...

The reborn babies They are a controversial topic for some people, but the reality is that these extremely realistic dolls are highly valued among an increasingly large audience of collectors or other sectors. If you know very little about reborn babies, today we bring you a few curiosities about these hyper-realistic pieces of art.

1- They are a new art

Let's start by defining what a reborn baby is: they are pieces of art that are intended to be as similar as possible to a real human baby.

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Although they are mainly created with vinyl, silicone is also used and those who create these realistic babies are called reborners. This art as such is called reborning and began in the United States in the late eighties and early nineties.

It is not known for sure who were the first people to create a reborn baby or call them as such , but at this time the foundations of the art that became international thanks to the Internet were laid.

And it was in 2002 that the first reborn babies began to be sold on eBay, since then it is a niche that has grown a lot.

2- Art by and for women

Reborn babies are collected by people of all kinds, however, women are the most common audience to buy these pieces of art and the majority of reborn artists are also women. In fact, these dolls appeared in response to a growing need from people who wanted dolls more similar to real babies.

reborn baby for women

3- Reborn baby and reborn doll: they are not the same

In English the terms reborn baby and reborn doll They are used interchangeably, but as we have already explained other times, we like to differentiate between a doll and a reborn baby because today there are dolls that are realistic but are not pieces of art like reborn babies.

Reborn babies usually have a very fine level of detail that is made in artisan workshops, while reborn dolls imitate this realism to a limited extent and are created in factories.

Apart from realism, the other big difference is that the reborn doll can be used like a normal doll for children, but reborn babies require more care.

Also, the price varies: the cheapest reborn baby can be found at €300 while one reborn doll can be purchased for €70.

4- Therapeutic and necessary

Sometimes reborn babies are collected for no other reason than that, but the reality is that many times people who buy reborn babies find in them a much-needed therapeutic company.

This includes women who will soon have children and see playing with reborn babies as a way to adapt to their new life, especially if they are first-time mothers.

Unfortunately, other women lose their children due to miscarriage, illness or were unable to have babies, so in the face of this grief they get relief in games with reborn babies. That includes people who are elderly or have menopause, for example.

The dynamics of games with Reborn babies consist of imitating what life is like with a real baby : feeding them, bathing them, putting them to sleep or things like that.

reborn babies for girls

This hobby has proven to be both relaxing and therapeutic for a multitude of contexts among different people who want to have children, had them, or want to relive and experience the sensation of taking care of a baby.

Without a doubt, a reborn is an excellent way to help heal wounds and strengthen future bonds with real babies.

5- The uncanny valley

The phenomenon where an object is so extraordinarily similar to someone human that instead of creating empathy it causes disgust and intrigue is called the uncanny valley. This happens in the field of robotics, video games and 3D animation, however, this type of disgust is also seen in some people with reborns.

This psychological sensation is what makes some individuals view those who collect reborn babies with morbid or repulsion, even if it is totally unjustified.

6- Popular in Hollywood

Although there are no exact figures, reborn dolls and babies are frequently used in audiovisual production in Hollywood and, of course, in the entire European and international film industry.

Because? Obviously, because in drama, comedy or even horror series and films, scenes with babies are often necessary, even small scenes where they act as extras. And, of course, a reborn baby offers the advantage that you do not have to take care of it like a real baby or do a casting to find it. Nobody usually notices because, in addition, many scenes with reborn babies are fast or the action does not focus on them.

7- Bad reputation with the police

Since the beginning of the first decade of the century, small accidents related to reborn babies have been recorded in countries such as Canada, Australia and the United States .

The most common situation is that a person sees the reborn baby inside a car and calls the emergency services thinking that it is a real baby who could drown. As a result, the authorities break the windows and only after having it in their hands do they realize that... This is a reborn baby!

The extreme realism of the reborn reminds us that if you have this piece of art, please avoid leaving it displayed in the car! Or you could confuse other people. Naturally, people worry even if they don't look closely at the reborn baby to realize what it is. Anyway, let's remember that this is a niche art and few people really know about it. ?

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