My reborn baby's notebook

" My reborn baby's notebook " by Surprises Dipuestas is one of the first dynamic notebooks—perhaps the first!—in Spain created with the sole purpose of recording the dynamics of play with our reborn babies or realistic dolls, for all ages. ages and genders.

Why would you choose another notebook? Get ready, because here we show you everything that this beautiful product for reborn babies comes with. And, above all, we will resolve your most immediate doubt:

Why have a notebook for a reborn baby?

Notebook for my reborn baby with Fun Surprises

Our idea is to cultivate writing, enhance imagination and manual play with dynamics that help build the management of events and emotions in boys and girls from the age of four. Because we believe that all games are more fun with pedagogical values!

As? For example, decorating the notebook as he or she wishes, recording with photos and expressing his or her feelings through drawings and words. With this you are promoting the little one's creativity and memory, as well as their manual skills.

And since everything is an "old-fashioned" activity, it will be a beautiful memory for when they grow up. Do you remember in detail how you had fun with dolls in your childhood? Let's make this more frequent!

Interior of My Reborn Notebook of Fun Surprises

Although as we said above, it is a notebook that anyone who loves realistic dolls or reborn babies can use. You don't have to be 4 years old to let your inner child come out! ✨

Did you know..?

This notebook is in a way a replica or inspiration of the notebooks for mothers who have just had a baby. Actually, you could also use it like this, but as you well know, there are many notebooks with the same purpose only focused on real babies.

We have used this system because we know first-hand how important it is for boys and girls to play with real elements, which is also the reason why reborn babies are such a sought-after toy.

What does my reborn baby's notebook contain?

Contents of My Reborn Baby's Notebook of Fun Surprises

The notebook is characterized by its pastel tones and has 108 pages with divided templates to record different moments of the baby such as:

  • Food, games: 6 pages of… Your tastes, how did you find them? He likes the chocolate?
  • 4 pages of… Your desires, dreaming is important! What will he want when he grows up? How do you imagine it?
  • And 16 pages for… Feelings, draw freely and express yourself

Clear, This is not all , because there are also 39 pages As a diary to write down morning, afternoon and night routines, what better way to complement the routine game?

Templates for routines for reborn babies

Mealtime, when it's time for the bath or simply sleeping or playing with you... Or even more specific, what did you feed your baby today or what will you give him tomorrow?

There is also 14 pages to paste photos in album format, 8 pages to record the baby's first times as...

  • What was your first first bath like?
  • How did you meet your first and best friend?
  • How was your first trip away from home?

And even another seven pages for free notes spread throughout the notebook. Any details you need to remind yourself of later? You can leave it there!

You will also see a session called "How I feel" where you are free to express what feelings the game has left you with the reborn or realistic doll. And if you want to go further, you will see the section "Here I write/draw what I feel like". That's right, do you have something on your mind right now? It's time to express it.

The ideal notebook to learn and play at the same time

Express emotions with the reborn notebook

In Fun Surprises we observe in play a therapeutic activity that should be a right for all people. As we said before, play, by extension, is essential for the healthy and complete growth of boys and girls. ❤️

Oh, and don't forget: the first 4 pages are for writing down basic information about the doll or baby! You can not miss:

  • What's it called?
  • How did you feel when you received him?
  • Where were you born?
  • Leave a photo! Is this how we will identify the baby from the first moment?

Reborn baby notebook inside

So, in summary, My Reborn Baby's Notebook is distinguished by:

  • Promote fun and improve the game
  • Record the game and save it as a nice piece of memories and growth
  • Improve the child's psychosocial and manual skills
  • Serve to express yourself without pressure or ties, you are simply in control!
  • It is one of the first notebooks of its kind (maybe even the first?)

My reborn baby's notebook: where to buy it?

You should know is that My reborn baby's notebook you can buy it from amazon or in Fun Surprises .

What is the difference? With Amazon you will only get the notebook and from our store we offer a pack, that is: the notebook and a few accessories for the game.

Accessories that we have called "school supplies aesthetic ", is an incredible plus to offer as a gift to the little ones.

notebook for girls Reborn baby notebook gift

And look at the package! It's even cuter.

Accessories for my reborn notebook

Our notebook costs €10.90 on Amazon and with only six more euros ( €16.90 ) you can get these accessories:

  • 2 sheets of emoji stickers to work on emotions. They are the same WhatsApp emojis!
  • 1 marker
  • 1 multicolor pen (6 different colors)
  • 4 aesthetic stickers
  • 1 post it about animals
  • 1 roll thin washi tape
  • 1 wooden clothespin with heart

Remember that the content of the pack may differ from the images in terms of colors and models since they are assorted, but they will always include the same type of product.

In summary

If you have missed it, we leave you the exact and summarized description of the characteristics of the notebook:

  • 4 pages to fill out the reborn baby's information
  • 6 pages to write down your baby's tastes
  • 8 pages to write down the first times and moments to remember
  • 4 pages with wish lists
  • 39 pages as a diary to record 10 days of routines (morning, afternoon and night)
  • 16 pages to write thoughts and free drawings about emotions
  • 14 pages to paste photos in baby album format
  • 7 pages distributed in the notebook for free notes

open reborn notebook cover

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