reborn babies They are works of art or dolls very similar to real babies that are usually made with artisanal processes. Some dolls are more realistic than others, require special care, or are collectible.

However, there is a wide variety of reborn babies and some could even perfectly be used as toys for little ones. Of course, if you want a longer answer to a large part of your concerns about reborn babies, stay because we will answer your questions below!

Reborn babies: what they consist of

Realistic reborn babies

(Image from the Valencia 2019 Expo Doll Show by @NúriaDeNadur)

To be considered reborn babies, these dolls require a minimum of artisanal process, this means that their production is not large scale and instead they are dolls with a more artistic, local and detailed style.

And in what types do they exist? Well, broadly speaking, there are two types of reborn babies: those made with silicone and those made with vinyl. Although at first glance the difference seems minuscule, the truth is that depending on the type of reborn, one care or another will be needed in its own way and the price varies.

Furthermore, the other big reason why reborns are so special is that since they are created to be hyper-realistic, the fun of the dolls is to play with them as if they were a real baby. The level of detail in many reborns is fascinating! And some can even breathe or make sounds.

The most basic characteristics of every reborn are based on imitating as much as possible those characteristics of flesh and blood babies, such as:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Fur
  • Delicacy

Girls (and boys too!) as well as those who are about to have a baby may be attracted to these artistic works because it allows them to learn about the care of a real baby or adapt to them.

In short, all reborns are usually very delicate and that is why they are different from an ordinary doll. It's more, They are not classified as a normal doll because it is not a toy .

And given the laborious process that their manufacturing entails, it is common for them to be limited or exclusive products.

Although, of course, you can play with Reborn but in your own way! With great care and adult supervision if left in the hands of minors. A reborn is so realistic that like a real baby, it requires a lot of affection and responsibility .

So is it suitable for little ones?

Reborn baby to play girl boy

It depends on the age or maturity of your child and your budget. Will he or she really be able to care for the reborn and value it?

Especially if they are infants who are not older than eight years old, it would be better to buy a doll with reborn characteristics. These are toys that imitate reborn babies, although maintaining European quality standards and at more friendly prices, ranging from approximately 200 euros.

These dolls are made in small Spanish artisan factories, the substantial difference is that the level of detail is more basic and the realism is less.


There are many prices for reborn babies on the market, although unfortunately they never go below €299 EUR. Because? Well, as you can see, these are works of art, the raw materials can be very expensive and the sculptors usually spend a lot of time perfecting their creations.

On average a vinyl reborn costs between €300 to €800 and silicone can be made from €700 to €1800 and even much more!

This is because it also varies due to the margin of exclusivity of each sculptor and their renown (almost all of them are women in the profession).

Get a quality reborn

Carles silicone reborn baby

Great care! The price of a real, quality reborn baby cannot go below €300 because we could find ourselves faced with a mediocre product and even pirated imitations that could even be scams.

Núria has spoken to us in depth about pirated copies and how there are paid ads on Google where supposed reborn babies appear with misleading photographs (!!). Such products are sold for €80 or $70 USD or less and most of them come from China, so on top of that they would take time to reach your home — and there are even known cases where they never arrive and since they are companies from other countries you can't do anything about-.

But apart from the price and paying attention to the quality and veracity of the photographs, you can also find out the certificates of European quality, certified to be the original work of a specific sculptor and even better if it is work made right here in Spain.

How silicone and vinyl reborns are made

With any of these materials the process is similar: the reborn artists mold sculptures and are in charge one by one of hand painting them, adding hair, etc. Or the mold is sold and other artists take care of the subsequent work.

Almost all dolls on the market are made with vinyl and with reborns it is important that we make sure that the reborn that interests us is, in this case, 100% quality vinyl. Vinyl is an excellent material and the fact that there are reborns that are only partly made of this type of plastic lowers their realism and quality.

This material is extracted from petroleum and offers the reborn a somewhat more solid consistency than those made with silicone. In addition, they tend to be cheaper and more diverse: silicone guarantees a very soft baby with a touch very similar to skin, while That with vinyl you can find something soft but its touch is more solid.

Silicone, as a material, is more environmentally friendly but more expensive because it is more difficult to work with. Of course, sometimes the result is more delicate and artistic.

We hope this post has answered a few questions for you. What others do you have? Leave us a comment below! And remember that on our blog like the channels Fun Surprises and of Nuria of Nadur There is much more content about reborn waiting for you.