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Do you have your collection of friends at home, but don't know what you can call them? Just like pets, sometimes we run out of ideas. And it can be so frustrating! For this reason, we thought that perhaps you would find a list of original names for dolls useful . Here you have it!

Names for dolls that you will love

There is nothing written about tastes, and what we love, you may not like as much. But it can serve as inspiration for you ! And in the best case scenario, we will have hit the nail on the head and you will have found names for dolls that fascinate you and that you will use for yours. And without further ado, let's see those names!


Anuk is a very original and quite little-known name . It is mainly used for girls, although who says you can't put it on a doll. Its origin is somewhat uncertain, but one theory says that it comes from Dutch and means wolf. Do you know the beautiful silicone baby with this name?


Neala is the name of the protagonist of the Nadurines . And we are not surprised that it is, since the meaning in Irish is champion , while in Celtic it is equivalent to governess. If she was born to be a leader! In his adventures, he always proposes alternatives to help the environment. What does your doll like to do?


It is a name that is mainly used for men, although today it is also used for women. Its origin is in Hebrew and means rest, peace, serenity . Is your doll very calm and loves to sleep? Well now you have a proposal!


Chloe is one of the names for dolls that we like the most. It may sound like French to you, but it comes from Greek and its meaning is related to flowers . That's probably why we like it so much! We love everything that has to do with nature and the environment.



Sofia comes from Greek and means wisdom or a person who has good judgment. In our country it is quite well known, but it is also used in others such as the United Kingdom, France or Italy, with the corresponding variations, which are Sophia, Sophie and Sofia. Which one do you like the most? We find it so beautiful that one of our reborn dolls is called Sofia .


Soul of Antonio Juan

Although the soul is not something visible or that we can touch, it is our essence. For this reason, we also find it an interesting proposal and we have included it among the names for dolls that we like the most. Its origin is in Latin (a language from which ours also comes) and its meaning is “that feeds or that nourishes.”


Since we have most names for dolls, we have added another one for them: Malik. Surely you also know about the Nadurines . It comes from Arabic and means king. If your friend is the true king of your house, here is a perfect name!

These are our proposals for names for dolls, but we are sure that from these, you have come up with many others. And if not, it's time to work on that imagination!


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