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Regalos especiales para la primera comunión

Special gifts for the first communion

The first communion is a special moment in the lives of children and therefore deserves to be celebrated with special gifts that last over time. Furthermore, gifts for the first communion do not have to be made only for this religious tradition, we can also take advantage of a special moment, whether it is the end of a school year or an achievement achieved, to give gifts that last over time and in their memories ✨

Keep reading if you want to know about beautiful and special gifts for a first communion. Let's start with a couple of tips:

Tips for choosing gifts for the first communion

  • Research the product well
  • Get to know the boys and girls you want to surprise with the gift better in advance.

And above all: don't rush.

If you search on the internet for what gifts to give for a first communion , you will find many articles linking to low quality products.

At Fun Surprises we have our own selection of options to consider as gifts for the first communion , because after all... We are a store! And our recommendation is the following:

Reborn Dolls

Reborn dolls are toy babies that look so similar to a real baby that they look like the real thing, yet their creation process is simpler (and less expensive) than that of reborn babies. What is the difference?

As we have previously explained in other articles , the reborn doll is a toy, the reborn baby is a delicate piece of art that is usually expensive.

But it remains a favorite for many families and guests looking for a different and emotional gift.

And what reasons are there to give reborn dolls to children between 7 and 12 years old?

Reborn dolls are very useful for introducing children to reborn art, promoting empathy as well as for them to gradually relate to the love and care that must be taken for babies, even more so if they are about to have siblings. or sisters.

In summary, these are the advantages:

  • They are toys that increase creativity
  • Help build social skills
  • They promote values ​​such as empathy, respect and kindness
  • There are many models to suit the taste of the boy or girl.
  • They create sentimental value: Reborn dolls are of quality and last a long time, so they are loved

Reborn dolls are a perfect gift for the first communion, and not only for girls who enjoy taking care of and pampering their dolls since boys also tend to like them a lot.

Reborn doll models

Since we're talking about why reborn dolls are a special gift for first communion, how about mentioning some outstanding models that you can buy in our store to give as a gift for a first communion?

Reborn Lluna with carrycot

One of the reborn doll models  cheaper from the prestigious Antonio Juan brand, our partner workshop that specializes in reborn dolls and babies. Currently its price does not exceed €72, it measures 33 cm and has its eyes closed. The package includes a flower dress, pacifier and a natural wicker carrycot.

My First Reborn Bertín with blanket and cap

One euro more and you can take this other beauty from Antonio Juan 😍

This model called Bertín has appeared on our YouTube channels earning the nickname Baby Carlitos . Hyper-realistic and locally made with a certificate of authenticity, the package includes this 52cm realistic baby, a blanket and a cap.

What if I give a reborn baby?

If you think that the girl or boy in question will be able to enjoy such a delicate and special gift, you can definitely give it to them! You will remember it all your life ❤️

Reborn babies are so realistic that they require identical care to real babies. That is to say, the point of playing with a reborn baby is to imitate the care and affection that a real baby requires. They are definitely not made for abuse!

That said, our recommended model is Lily from Coco Reborn , a mini silicone reborn that you can take everywhere and is surprising for its weight and realism 😍

Now, imagine the following scenario:

You have been invited and you want to give something to the little ones, what could it be?

Boys and girls already know very well what they want at 8 or 12 years old and that being the case, we must be honest when asking ourselves the following question: what is better, a traditional gift or a technological gift?

Judge how well you know the little one you want to give something to and decide what will be most appropriate. In general it will be more original to give him something traditional, yes. For example:

  • Rings and bracelets with your name
  • Watches
  • bikes
  • Books
  • dolls

Now, what technological gifts are the most common for a first communion?

  • compact cameras
  • Video game consoles
  • Drones
  • The first smartphone (in this case, try to give them as a gift starting at around 11, as children need regulation with these devices)

You have been invited and you want to give something to another invited person

Giving gifts to adults is always easier, in principle limit yourself to giving physical objects that imply great sentimental value for the other person, something that reminds them that you love them. As a gift for the first communion , you can buy whatever you see the person needs or you know they will really like.

For example, think about what this person does or what hobbies he or she has:

  • If they like to collect dolls and art, give them a baby or reborn doll, they will never be enough for them!

  • If his passion is photography, give him something that will enhance his hobby, such as accessories, photography books, etc.

  • And if you like gardening, you know what to do 😜

Obviously, you don't need a big budget to give gifts: most people are happy with bracelets, desserts, and even special cards with the gifts you consider!

In short, with creativity there are infinite options. Remember that if you are unfamiliar with the great world of reborn babies and dolls, you can visit our channels and blog for more information.


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