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★ Las ventajas de comprar una CAJA de BEBÉS REBORN

★ The advantages of buying a REBORN BABY BOX

We recently told you about how fun it is for us to prepare a box of reborn babies , which you can get from our online store. In addition to the reborn dolls, they include a lot of accessories for them. If you still don't know what they are, today we will present them to you again and, in the process, we will tell you what the advantages of opting for them are.

What is a reborn baby box?

Reborn Box of Fun Surprises

To learn more details about what they are and to see how they are made live, we invite you to watch this video where we tell you everything . But just in case you don't have much time, a reborn baby box is a package that includes the realistic doll you have chosen and accessories to play with and take care of it.

And what are these accessories? Well, clothes and accessories, which we have in various models and which we choose carefully:
  • 1 sealed bottle
  • 1 Bib
  • 1 Doudou
  • 1 Muslin
  • 1 Rattle
  • 1 Set of hat and mittens
  • 1 set of dungarees
  • 1 Pajamas
  • 1 Bodysuit
  • 1 Legging
  • 2 Diapers
  • 1 Pair of reborn shoes
  • A Moji Pop as a gift!
Accessories included in the Fun Surprises reborn box
Everything a real young baby would need!

They come in cardboard boxes that we assemble and wrap each gift in soft greaseproof paper. When it is ready, the name of the person for whom it is intended is written . Can you imagine the emotion when receiving it?

Personalization of the reborn box of Funny Surprises Advantages of buying a box of reborn babies

What we really wanted to talk to you about today is why it is so interesting to buy the reborn babies box instead of the dolls and their accessories separately . Here we leave you several reasons that we know you will love!

Sofia reborn box

You save money

Although talking about money may be uncomfortable, the reality is that every home tries to save and reduce expenses as much as possible. With a reborn baby box you can achieve it! We know that it works with girls and boys that today they only want the doll, next week the bottle , next month clothes to change because they have gotten dirty. To save yourself that hassle and the cost it entails, get it all at once at a cheaper price!

Reborn baby clothes

The illusion is greater

Why are dates like the Three Wise Men or birthdays so long awaited? Because you receive several gifts! Imagine the illusion of receiving a box and having it contain a lot of small packages with more surprises inside . That is priceless!

Gabriela reborn box

You have everything ready to play

Although girls and boys need very little to have fun because they have a fascinating imagination, with a box for reborn babies they already have everything at hand to start taking care of them like real babies. 

reborn baby

We take care of the environment

If you follow the Nadurines , you will know that at Fun Surprises we care about the environment. When you buy a box for reborn babies, you save on the packaging and shipping of each of the packages . Therefore, it is less plastic, less paper and less transportation . A relief for our planet!

Sofia Reborn Box

And in addition to all these advantages, we add that because they are simply beautiful ! We make them with great love and we feel the same excitement that you will feel when you receive it. Choose yours in our online store!


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