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  • Neala y Darwin
  • Neala y Darwin
  • Neala y Darwin
  • Neala y Darwin
  • Neala y Darwin
  • Neala y Darwin
  • Neala y Darwin
  • Neala y Darwin
  • Neala y Darwin

Neala and Darwin

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Do you really want to surprise?Neala and Darwin are part of the Nadurines® collection and are very famous dolls thanks to their videos on YouTube....

Do you really want to surprise?

Neala and Darwin are part of the Nadurines® collection and are very famous dolls thanks to their videos on YouTube. Their design will surprise anyone who receives it. In addition, the doll has very adorable baby features, it comes with its stuffed animal and the biggest surprise factor is its box.

It becomes a dollhouse!

What does the box contain? 🧸

Neala's box is inspired by Spring and contains many surprises:

  • A 38cm "Neala" baby doll, with a full vinyl body and anatomically correct.
  • The doll comes dressed in an outfit consisting of a dress, panties and hairband all made with Oeko-Tex textiles.
  • A "Darwin" plush toy, it is a hamster about 15cm with a heart pocket (very important for the story and activating the "flash")
  • A box that transforms into a little house for Neala and Darwin.
  • A roof to paint with the doll's name.
  • Some beds for Neala and Darwin.
  • A pack of markers from Carioca's ECO range.
  • A booklet with the history and instructions for the flash.

Concerned about the environment? 🌍

The Nadurines® were created to raise awareness among the little ones about the importance of caring for nature, but in the best possible way: by playing.

And that's why they have a story that is found inside the box.

"Neala and Darwin are the children of the earth 🌱 They are in charge of taking care of everything that has to do with this natural element. Now they need you to activate their flash so they can take care of nature together! Learn more about history of the Nadurines in this link."

Furthermore, its box is designed to generate 0 waste, making it an ideal game complement, its own home.

Plastic free package ♻️

We have designed the entire package so that it does not contain any plastic, the design is designed to support the doll and the stuffed animal and that they arrive in perfect condition, using the leftover cardboard in a creative way, making this support can later be used as its bed for sleep.

Dolls for life ⭐️

We believe that one of the best inheritances we can give our children are some of the toys we had as children. Don't you think it would be nice if they could have that opportunity if they want?

Currently we are surrounded by toys and dolls made in China with materials of very dubious quality, and it is often impossible for these objects to last a year.

All Nadurines® dolls are made in Spain with the best materials, going through the most demanding tests to comply with EU regulations. Designed not only to last for many years, but also so that you can enjoy them in a thousand different ways without fear of breaking them.

Connect with your child ❤️

We love creating stories for people to reconnect with nature, but we are even more passionate about how these stories can connect families.

From the surprise of the gift to the assembly of the box, through the creative moment of painting and decorating their house, everything is an opportunity to connect with your little one and save memories for a lifetime.

Originality and exclusivity

Neala and Darwin are part of the Nadurines® collection, dolls designed by Núria from Sorpresas Divertidas especially to educate in values ​​through play. And you will only find them here, they are not sold in other stores.

Each doll has a box designed with a different motif and color, according to its character and season of the year. Collect all 4 seasons!

Guaranteed quality

Neala is a 15-inch (full body) vinyl baby doll with short blonde hair, Caucasian skin with freckles, and lilac eyes. All our vinyl dolls are sexed. Doll and stuffed animal are made with high quality materials, their clothes have perfect finishes and OEKO-TEX fabrics. Manufactured in Onil, Spain by “The Doll Factory Europe SL” for Surpresas Dipuestas®.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Yelitza Diaz
Neala y Darwin..

Compre a Neala y Darwin, mi nieta super feliz, le encanta..Es hermosa y huele a vainilla, me sorprendió ya que pensaba que era una muñeca normal y corriente; !sorpresa!!! tiene unos detalles como: sus orejas son únicas y el color de sus ojos , darwin muy bien hecho, detalles sorprendió sus tamaños, son hermosos, únicos. Entrega rápida. Super recomendados...gracias Sorpresas Divertidas por hacer tan feliz a mi nieta...

¡Muchas gracias por tu reseña! Es muy emocionante ver la carita de tu nieta tan feliz :)

Mari Paz
Neala y Darwin

El pedido llegó perfectamente y rápido. Bien empaquetado y preparado. Nos encantó el regalo sorpresa que venía.

¡Gracias por tu reseña Mari Paz! Nos encanta sorprender en cada pedido :)

David Garcia

Son ya varias veces que compro, y siempre satisfecho.

¡Muchísimas gracias David! Nos encanta saber que vuelves para hacer regalos especiales :)

Alejandro Fort Asensi
Neala y Darwin

Fantástico regalo!!!, llegó muy rápido y está muy chulo, lo recomiendo totalmente.

¡Muchas gracias Alejandro! Nos alegra saber que has tenido una buena experiencia, pero sobre todo que nuestras muñecas puedan generar la sorpresa que esperas al regalarlas


Son preciosos, mucha calidad, y su ropa muy bonita, son tal como se ven en los vídeos, se aprovecha todo, las cajitas donde vienen se convierten en sus casitas , y los peques pueden pintarlas , traen lápices de colores y otras cositas, todo muy ecológico cuidando el medio ambiente😍, y los peluches de mucha calidad, un 10

¡¡Muchísimas gracias Maria!! Deseamos que los disfrutéis mucho