They say that, in bad weather, a good face. And there is some reason in that because we can do little with the things that do not depend on us. However, there are many problems that do have a solution, and when we encounter these, the best thing we can do is focus on looking for it. These days the Nadurines We have met a very popular doctor who owes his fame to his ability to not give up and find alternatives to the obstacles that are presented to him. Meet the Tooth Fairy!

Tooth Fairy

Who is the Tooth Fairy

Maybe you know his story, but just in case, we are going to tell it to you. The Little Mouse Pérez is called Pepito and he lives with his family inside one of the walls of a building. A good day, He started hearing very loud noises upstairs, so he decided to go up the pipe to take a look. and see what happened.

There he found a lot of very modern gadgets that he didn't know about. As the noises continued for a while, he decided to wait a bit before going back up; so maybe I could understand what it was about. A couple of weeks later it was all over, and He discovered that it was a dental clinic . People came to clean their teeth, cure aching teeth or get new teeth.

Since the best way to learn is by copying someone who knows, He dedicated himself to observing every day and putting into practice everything he saw there. And so, first with his family and friends, and then with the rest of the town, he began to treat all his dental problems. However, One morning he encountered an obstacle for which he had no remedy, so he had to return to the clinic to think of a plan.

The elderly mice wanted new teeth, but the humans were too big for them. But one day a boy appeared who had to have one removed. The tooth was the perfect size! The doctor gave it to him, so the Tooth Fairy had no choice but to go home at night. After much searching he discovered the tooth under the pillow, and in exchange for taking it, he decided to leave him a coin. And so this tradition began!

What can we learn from our new friend

The Tooth Fairy has taught us many things in a very short time . The first of them is that always we can learn things from others and use that knowledge for something positive. It doesn't matter if it's teeth, paint or sports!

The second thing is that always We can help those around us . In these days of confinement at home and crisis, it is very important to know that we have each other. Third, what We can always find a solution ! Using our imagination and thinking about alternative paths, we can find the answer we are looking for. Look around!

Finally, the Tooth Fairy has taught us that Something that for us may not have much value, for someone else it does . So it never hurts to put yourself in the shoes of others to understand reality from another point of view. How many mice have been able to eat almonds again thanks to the teeth that have fallen out!

We also take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of brushing your teeth. Once we get new ones, they are for life. Visits to the dentist are usually not pleasant!