One of our greatest challenges in this great mission we have to take care of the planet is to be responsible no matter what happens. Even if unforeseen events arrive, we cannot forget about the environment, since if it is damaged, everything else is no longer possible. Today we want to talk to you about a term that you may have heard before: renewable energy . Does it sound familiar to you?

What is renewable energy

Whoa, whoa! With so much time we have spent at home we had already forgotten how much we still have to learn about the environment. However, as human activity never stops completely, the impact it causes on the planet continues to advance. So we wanted to resume our actions to continue on our path.

For some years now, those who seek, like us, the protection of the planet and its resources, have proposed our forms of energy that allow us to live our lives just as we do now but in a much more respectful way. This is the case of renewable energy.

Talking about renewable energy means using a natural source on the planet that exists in abundance or that can be easily regenerated without causing any damage during the process. If you think about everything we use in our daily lives, such as heating or air conditioning, gasoline for the car or motorcycle, the electronic devices we plug in, the manufacturing of millions of products or even our number one enemy, the plastic, they all make use of oil, gas or coal in different ways.

They are called fossil fuels, and their extraction causes great damage to the Earth. But not only that, they also need millions of years to regenerate, so they are a limited source of resources. Alternatively, the planet itself offers us unlimited others, such as wind, sunlight, the movement of water or biomass; organic matter from animals or plants that can be used to obtain energy. In addition, they do not produce toxic emissions like the previous ones.

How renewable energy is used

You may wonder why, if it is possible to use renewable energy, we continue to use oil or coal in our daily lives with the damage it causes to our friend the Earth. The answer is very simple: because its efficiency is lower and it is not given all the attention it needs to improve its performance.

But how could we use this renewable energy? First of all, the one that uses the force of the wind is called wind power and they are those very tall white towers with a blade. Solar, photovoltaic or thermoelectric, is what uses the sun's rays to obtain energy. Many homes already have these panels on their roofs and they can be used to heat water or activate the heating.

Hydraulic energy is energy that takes advantage of the movement of tides and water currents. And finally, biomass is the remains of nature itself, such as walnut shells, olive pits or pellets, which can be reused as fuel for heating.

As you see, the planet is intelligent enough to allow us to harness energy without harming it. Do you use any type of renewable energy at home? If the answer is no, this is a great opportunity to consider it!