We are used to the fact that the older ones are always the ones who take care of the younger ones. Therefore, our father and mother are the ones who prepare the food at home. We the Nadurines We usually take care of our Toris, but since changes always feel good, today we have decided that They will be the ones in charge of preparing the food . You sign up?

Dishes for all tastes

Both from your experience at home and at school, you will have realized that it is very difficult to please everyone at the same time. It doesn't matter if it's food or games or the color of clothes; everyone has their own preferences and sometimes it can even become a cause for discussion.

But since we spend so much time at home now, getting angry with each other would complicate our days too much. So before each of us starts demanding what we want, we are trying to give in all a bit. This means that We adapt to the tastes of others, but without giving up our own preferences.

Toris, as they are animals, do not need the variety that we may need to obtain their nutrients, but rather They usually ingest what they find in their environment. Therefore, we are aware that our food today will also have limited variety. Do you want to know what it consisted of?

Sally and her salad

Sally is a bee that He spends the day from flower to flower learning things and feeding on their nectar . That's why she's so smart and so strong! So for our first dish of the day he brought us a bunch of little plants of all the colors he found and He has prepared a huge salad. MMM…

But that is not all. As you know that children have a more developed sense of taste than adults and we perceive flavors more strongly, He added a little honey so that the flavor of the salad is more pleasant. And boy did we like it! There is nothing left in the bowl.

Marie with sea flavor

After the salad comes the second course and Marie has been in charge of preparing it. Since we still can't go swimming in the sea, it has brought us a little of its flavor home. The result was a very tasty seaweed scramble.

Although algae seem so insignificant, the truth is that They have many nutrients and are very good for our health. Do you know Popeye who stayed strong by eating spinach every day? Well, the same thing happens with them. In addition, they also fall apart when we cook them and become nothing. Have you noticed?!

Darwin and the refreshing smoothie

Darwin It is our friend the hamster from which this whole mission began. He likes to eat cereals, seeds, fruits and vegetables, but since we already have salad and seaweed scramble, he wanted to innovate and He has prepared us a refreshing carrot and grape juice, his favorite , and has added oats and chia seeds to complete all the nutrients. This way the food goes down much better!

Sweet Edison

And now we only have dessert left... And who better to prepare it than Edison , a chocolate lover ! As it gets hotter every day, we have had it in the form of ice cream. Ahhhh yes, it's already starting to smell like summer!

Now more than ever it is important to get out of your routine and do things differently. And you, what changes are you going to make today?