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El superpoder perfecto para combatir la contaminación del agua

The perfect superpower to combat water pollution

The perfect superpower to combat water pollution


- Yeah, I know what you're going to tell me... It seemed like everything was going well and suddenly the planet is once again in serious danger due to human activities.

- How is it possible that forests and so many natural areas are destroyed without thinking about the consequences? We have no other planet to live on!

- I know, and it seems that there is little we can do to change the decisions that are made in this regard. But there is something that is within our reach, and that can help us, for example, combat water pollution.

- Oh! And what is?

- The superpower to change our current habits!

Why combat water pollution

In addition to the problems we already know about global warming and Climate change , water is one of the natural resources on the planet that should concern us the most. If rainfall decreases and drought increases, we will have less drinking water at our disposal. And even if we have sea water, it costs a lot of work and money to remove the salt.

For these reasons, and given that no species can survive without water, we must combat its pollution. As we already know, the best we can do is prevent. That is, avoid dirtying, contaminating or using products that are harmful to the planet, such as plastic.

Below we leave you some ideas to combat water pollution. We must remember that any small action we take is beneficial and important. It doesn't matter what others do or how insignificant what we do seems to us.

How we can combat water pollution

Our superpower to change our habits is what will help us combat water pollution. Our will can do everything and much more, and that is why we are going to protect the planet's natural resources.

Choose products with natural ingredients

Many of the foods we buy and also the products we use to wash ourselves contain chemical ingredients that are toxic. If we want to combat water pollution we must stop using it. But beware!; An organic label does not mean that it does not bring them. If you are good at technology, you will surely be able to find applications that tell you what components everything has. In addition to water, they are harmful to us!

Generates the least amount of garbage

Although landfills exist, we have already seen in beach cleaning that a lot of garbage ends up there. Since we can't control where it is sent, we can use our superpower to change our habits and accumulate as little as possible. As? For example, never buy packaged fruit or vegetables, use your hands! Or also, choose containers that are not plastic.

Use the public transportation

Car pollution is one of the most harmful. We know that it is very comfortable, but public transport is more respectful of the environment because there are several of us traveling in the same vehicle. Although it may not seem related, it also helps combat water pollution.

Be careful with oil and batteries

They may be less familiar to you, but there are also containers for recycling oil and spent batteries. Both are very toxic, and if they reach the sea, they dirty it and affect the living beings in it. To combat water pollution, separate them at home and put them in these containers.

In addition to these measures to combat water pollution, it is also important to save it. You know, turn off the taps while you use the soap, take advantage of the rainwater to irrigate and collect the water that comes out of the shower until it heats up. Our habits are everything, if we change, the planet will too!


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