Neala and Darwin celebrate World Peace Day

In September we celebrate another date of great importance: World Peace Day. Specifically, on the 21st, a call is made throughout the world to reinforce our values ​​and help all countries live in harmony. But not only that, another objective for this year is to raise awareness about climate change in order to combat it. Do you want to know how to participate in this day?

What is Peace Day?

In 2015, those States that are members of the United Nations decided to set 17 goals related to sustainable development. This means that all people, regardless of where they were born, their color or the resources they have, must have the same rights and the opportunity to enjoy a dignified life. Although in our opinion, animals should also be included.

The Day of Peace in the world not only includes those themes that are best known to us, such as the fight against poverty and hunger, the right to health and education or access to drinking water.

As we already know perfectly well, our beloved planet Earth is suffering the consequences of human activity. And we are at a point where if we do not take action immediately, the lives of all of us who live here will be in serious danger.

For this reason, Peace Day also includes raising awareness about the environment and climate change and the use of energy and water. In addition to other very important ideas such as equality between women and men and justice for all people.

The name for the campaign for this Peace Day is specifically “Climate Action for Peace”. And environmental education is part of the actions that will be carried out around the world. Something that makes us very happy since that has been precisely our work since we began this mission on Earth. So you can collaborate too!

How can we be part of this day

We are not alone! Young people around the world have joined us and will take action on climate change in their homes, schools and cities. There are already so many of us that we are considered essential in raising awareness about the environment.

And what can you do for World Peace Day? If your school has not done so, take advantage and remind your teachers that we must participate on this date. It's not about remembering the functions of plants or how to keep streets clean. We must go one step further. Darwin me too, Neala , we will go through some schools to explain what is happening in the world. So you can take advantage of our own message and explain it in your school

Modify our way of living, that is, save water and energy and stop using plastics, since this is the great evil of our world today. Reducing meat consumption, walking or using public transportation or creating our own toys with crafts instead of buying, are some ideas that we can present on Peace Day. We already learned long ago to create costumes related to nature , so we can set an example with them.

Changing our habits is difficult for everyone, but today we can find information that helps us discover how to do it. It doesn't matter if there are still people who do not want to participate in Peace Day, just as Darwin and I have done, we must continue with our message! Our actions, no matter how small, have a big impact!