Neala and Darwin help the white dove with world peace

On September 21 we celebrate world peace day; a date on which not only equality between people is called for, but also a date on which we also fight to give the planet a break. Our friend, the white dove, has a very important mission, and we are going to help her!

What does the white dove symbolize?

- Neala, have you noticed how some animals are considered friends of human beings while others do not seem to have the right to live in peace?

- Yes, it is also curious because it is something that also changes from one country to another. Cows, pigs, cats or pigeons are highly respected animals in some places, while in others they are treated very badly.

- I was precisely thinking about the pigeons... With so many buildings they have been left without their homes and they no longer even know where to stay because they are kicked out from everywhere...

- And it is very unfair, because the pigeon is a noble, calm and peaceful animal. Look at the white dove, which represents hope and peace… Hey! Not long ago we celebrated World Peace Day... You sure need help! Let's ask him!

Legend has it that during the universal flood, that is, a time of very heavy rains that endangered the existence of life on the planet, someone named Noah sheltered a couple of each species in his ark, so that they could survive and repopulate it.

The person in charge of finding land after a season at sea was a white dove. Upon his return, he returned with an olive branch in his beak, which meant that everything had returned to normal. Since then, this animal, as well as its color, symbolize hope and world peace.

In search of world peace

With the celebration of World Peace Day, our friend the white dove has had a lot of work. But luckily, and that's what friendships are for, we have lent him a hand by spreading his message.

Among his superpowers is the ability to orient himself and know where he has to go. And the proof that it is doing it well is the number of events that are taking place around the world in defense of the planet. And its protagonists, in many cases, are boys and girls! We can bring world peace to any part of the world!

Although the specific date for the celebration of world peace has passed, the actions cannot stop. With the white dove as a guide, we have chosen different points to continue raising awareness of the situation of our planet, and this is one of them!

You, who read us, are part of our chain. And what does that mean? That you also have the superpower to continue spreading the message of world peace! All people, no matter who they are or where they come from, should be able to enjoy the same rights. But remember that animals and the rest of the living beings we live with are as important as us, or even more!

And this is what we must continue to teach by example to those around us. Treat others as you would like to be treated, avoid single-use plastics, save water and light and buy only what is really necessary. Only in this way will we achieve world peace! This year, more than ever, the planet comes first, since without a home, we will have nowhere to live. Fly with your message, dove, fly!