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Los Nadurines cocinan pastel de queso, ¿te apetece un trozo?

The Nadurines cook cheesecake, would you like a slice?

When you spend a lot of time at home, one of the most common entertainment in any home is preparing sweet things in the kitchen. Do you do it too? On this occasion, the Nadurines wanted to make a delicious cheesecake , and we are going to share it with you!

What do we need for a cheesecake

The use of the kitchen is only suitable for adults , since as you surely know, there is a risk of getting burned. That's why they always catch our attention when we try to get on the counter or reach out to touch what's on top. Be very careful with that!

However, afternoons in the company of mom and dad are an excellent opportunity to participate in the use of the kitchen and discover the number of instruments that can be used to make delicious things. Have you tried cheesecake? MMM.

- Cheesecake? Edison said. I thought we were going to make chocolate; I think that's what we decided...

- Chocolate? Again? Petra replied in a mocking tone. You always try to fool us with the same excuse! Let us try something different!

- Okay... I guess I can always accompany it with chocolate...

Cheesecake is a very simple recipe that anyone can put into practice without any problem. Below we leave you the ingredients!

For the cake base

- 150 g of Maria cookies, which we will break into small pieces

- 50g of butter, which we are going to melt

For the cake filling

- 250 g of Philadelphia cheese or creamy equivalent

- 250 g Camembert cheese

- 250 g of condensed milk

- 2 eggs

How to make this cake

To make the cheesecake we will start with the preparation of the base , so we are going to take the Maria cookies and the butter. To melt it, you can take margarine, which is softer, or cut a piece of butter and leave it out of the refrigerator for a while so that it softens. That will be enough!

What you have to do is chop and crush the cookies with a fork . When they have become small pieces, mix them with the butter. Once you have it, you put it on the base of the mold and put it in the oven for a couple of minutes at 180º. But let it be hot! To get it out, let your parents do it.

Meanwhile we will prepare the filling, and for that we put the two types of cheese with the condensed milk in a bowl . In another plate we will beat the two eggs and add them to the above when everything is well mixed. We stir it well again and when we see that we cannot distinguish any ingredient separately, we pour it onto the mold with the cookie that will have already cooled.

Now, we put it back in the oven, which will have to be preheated to 145º. Baking time is between 25 and 30 minutes . To know when it is, you will have to prick it with a fork and make sure it comes out dry. This is also adult work! If it is ready, you take it out and let it rest on the counter. This cake does not store in the refrigerator! And once it has cooled, you can enjoy a delicious snack.

And while you eat it, what's better than watching the Fun Surprises videos that we have on our YouTube channel !


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