The tale or, rather, the fable of the hare and the tortoise is a story believed to have been written by Aesop . A gentleman from ancient Greece who liked to write short stories with a moral at the end. If you've never been told it, you're in luck! Because today Neala wanted to leave it here for us.

The fable of the hare and the tortoise

The story goes that in a forest there lived a hare and a tortoise . There would be nothing strange about this if it weren't for the fact that the former used to laugh at the latter. And why?, you might ask. Well, because hares are characterized by being very fast animals , which jump with enormous agility and this allows them to move very quickly.

However, who doesn't know the expression of going at a snail's pace... Our friend has to carry her enormous shell and this weight means that she has to take her time to get from one place to another . But is she in a hurry?

The hare used to make fun of the tortoise every day. Since she could come and go in a moment, he used the rest of his time to laugh at her legs and her speed. “Hey, turtle! And if one day you have an emergency, how will you do it? Do you think you can run and tell someone? Ah! But you don't know how to run! Hahaha,” the hare laughed.

The turtle never entered his game, because he knew that with so little empathy, he would never be able to understand the feelings of anyone other than himself . But one day, tired of so many comments, she challenged the hare to a race.

"As? Me? You've lost your mind? Ha ha. But I'm going to beat you!” Convinced that it would be fun to make a fool of the daring turtle in front of the rest of the forest animals, she accepted the challenge.

The day of the race

Everything was ready for the race to begin. The two participants were in their positions and the order to start was given. The hare bounded out, leaving a cloud of dust in its wake. In the middle of it, the turtle moved forward, slowly but without stopping at any time .

The hare, bored with waiting, resumed his teasing of the tortoise, who ignored him to save his strength and thus concentrate on his objective: the goal. That one moved forward and stopped to wait for her, moved forward and stopped again, until she got bored of the same routine.

He ran jumping and decided to take a nap while waiting for the turtle to arrive. But... such was his confidence that he let himself sleep longer than necessary , and by the time he opened his eyes, the little turtle was already a few steps away from the goal. The hare ran and jumped with all his might, but on this occasion his speed was not enough to overcome the perseverance of the tortoise. And for the first time, she proclaimed herself the winner and humiliated the vain turtle.

Being a fable, there is a lesson we can learn from this story . Can you think of what it could be? Each person or animal has their abilities, and that does not make them better or worse than others; What makes us different, but equally valid. And never make fun of others! Who knows what can happen, and overconfidence can play tricks on you.

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