On November 9th we have another date marked on the calendar, it is International Inventor's Day ! Or rather, the inventor, since it began to be celebrated in honor of the actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr , who created the so-called spread spectrum. Do you want to know more about this day? Darwin tells you!

What we celebrate on International Inventor's Day

Hedy Lamarr was an Austrian inventor who was born in Vienna , the capital of this country, on November 9, 1914 . Hence that date has been chosen to celebrate the international day of people who invent things. In addition to being an inventor, she was an engineer and actress , a somewhat peculiar combination of professions but as you can see, possible!

His invention was the spread spectrum. And what is that?, you ask. Well, it is a technique that allows a frequency to be found to send signals and data through communication systems. Has anything become clearer to you? Maybe not. In other simpler words, it was thanks to this invention that it became possible for us to change channels on television and even today to have the Internet . Imagine how boring the world would be now!

And why hadn't we heard of her? In addition to the fact that female inventors are much less popular than male inventors, despite there being many of them, Hedy decided to give her invention to the United States Army during World War II. In short, they gained recognition and she was forgotten even though she was the creator.

And what other female inventors have we had in history?

Darwin wanted to surprise the rest of the Nadur ines with an invention, but he had a much more original idea .

- If International Inventor's Day is celebrated in honor of a woman inventor, what better day than this to discover all those we still don't know!

- That's an excellent idea! Neala said. I don't know any female inventors either and this is their day, let's find out their names!

Marie Curie

She is one of the best known, since she worked with her husband. Of Polish nationality, he discovered radium, polonium and radioactivity , and thanks to that he received many Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry.

Florence Parpart

Born in the United States, she was the inventor of the modern electric refrigerator, that is, the refrigerator we have at home . In addition, she took it upon herself to sell them in many stores. Imagine his success that we are still using his invention!

Letitia Geer

This American nurse was the inventor of the first medical syringe that could be used with one hand . Next time you go to get a vaccine, remember it!

Martha Coston

An inventor and businesswoman from the United States, she was the inventor of the flare gun . And do you know what it is for? Well, to make alarm signals at sea and make them visible from a long distance. It was inspired by fireworks!

Sarah Mather

Do you like to know what is hidden at the bottom of the sea? Thanks to Sarah Mather it is possible, since she was the creator of the periscope ; an instrument that, in addition to detecting objects underwater, also served the navy to identify warships.

Did you know that there were so many female inventors? Well these are just some examples! At Fun Surprises we want you to take advantage of this day to discover other women. If you like science, you can become one too!