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¿Cómo se cuida a un bebé reborn de silicona?

How do you care for a silicone reborn baby?

How do you care for a silicone reborn baby?

If you have already bought a silicone baby or are planning to get one of these beautiful dolls, today we are going to explain how you should take care of it so that it lasts a long time! Being made of silicone, they are more expensive and therefore more delicate than vinyl reborns.

Tips to care for your silicone reborn baby

Anuk Silicone Reborn Baby

Most of the silicone reborn babies that we show on the Fun Surprises channel are created by Coco Reborn , you surely know them by their names and fun adventures on YouTube: Anuk, Anisa, Lily elfa, Alma...
But we also have a new silicone baby that we call Mar, she is from "Guca Dolls", she comes dressed as a ballerina and contains an "inner skeleton" with which we can give her many incredibly realistic positions, we love it!
If you want to see our collection of silicone babies, you can visit them in the store. REBORN BABIES of Fun Surprises .

When you get them, they will come with instructions for their care , which we recommend that you read carefully to prevent damage. However, below we leave you the most important points so that you can get an idea of ​​how to care for a reborn baby.

Take it carefully

silicone reborn baby

These dolls are authentic collector's items and their design is very realistic. It almost looks like they were a real baby! Their bodies are soft and their limbs are very flexible so they can move easily and realistically. The head also moves ; Hence, you must be especially careful with it so that it does not break due to the weight, since silicone babies have their entire body made of this same material and the neck, being thinner, is weaker.
If you are going to exercise their body like real babies do, do it with a lot of love and never pulling on a leg or arm . They could break!

Don't put pressure on your mouth

silicone reborn baby

If you are going to put his pacifier in, try not to put pressure on his mouth to get it in. Instead, we propose a couple of very simple tricks:
1- Squeeze the sides of your face , that is, your cheeks, and you will see how your mouth automatically opens.
2- Use a little Vaseline to spread the pacifier or bottle before inserting it and you will see how it goes in much more easily.
Now you can insert the pacifier without damaging it!

Cleaning in the bathtub

Reborn baby in the bathtub

If you want to keep the reborn baby clean and for your daughter or son to enjoy this beautiful experience, you can wash it in a portable bathtub or basin with warm water , never hot! But be careful, you should not do it regularly but rather occasionally, since excess humidity can damage it.

We recommend that you use the special bath kit, which consists of a soft sponge and a neutral alcohol-free soap. Pass the sponge over his body very carefully and avoid getting his head wet.
Avoid using soaps and products that contain aloe vera , as it has been proven to damage silicone.

To clean his face, do not use the sponge because it could erase the paint. Use a washcloth instead; always avoiding the eyelash area so that they do not fall out. Dry it carefully with a towel or let it dry alone in the open air but never directly in the sun.

Use mattifying

Lily elf silicone body

Silicone babies have a texture very similar to the skin of a real baby and are usually very soft, which is why they require extra care to keep the touch soft and non-sticky.
We always advise avoiding strong chemical products or exposing them to the sun, but you can also use a special mattifier for these materials and their touch will be just as soft as new.
Silicone baby mattifier is a type of powder specially made for this care, do not use talcum powder because it damages the silicone.

brush your hair


Some silicone babies have painted hair, others come without hair and there are some with natural hair grafted, the latter require some care just like vinyl reborn babies with the same "rooting" technique.
To care for the reborn baby's hair, you should use a toothbrush or equivalent with very soft bristles. It is very delicate and falls off easily, and only friction can cause it to lose it. That's why we recommended that you not wet it in the bathroom. You can apply a hair conditioner spray on the brush , which does not contain perfume or abrasive ingredients, or moisten it directly with water.

And this is how you should take care of your silicone reborn baby at home.

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