The popularity of these dolls has not stopped increasing, since the realism that characterizes them makes them more attractive than traditional ones. But do you know what material the reborn baby is made of? Today we tell you all the secrets of these beautiful creations!

The material of the reborn baby

Reborn baby assembly

The reborn baby is also called a reborn baby. This is because their appearance greatly resembles that of real babies . And how is this very successful effect achieved? Well, it is due to the materials with which they are manufactured. In case you don't know them, here we leave you everything you need to know about their manufacture!


Reborn baby in crib

Vinyl has become the most used material for reborn babies . The resemblance to traditional dolls is quite high, but it allows us to achieve the realistic effect we are talking about. The head, arms and legs are made with this material, which is a very high quality plastic with a color reminiscent of skin.

To achieve realism, each artist can choose to add different details. Such as redness, veins or any other mark that real skin has and dolls do not. Being a handmade work, each piece is unique.

Regarding the body, it is normal for them to be filled with fabric or soft cotton . Thus, they are soft to the touch and their weight is increased, which can sometimes be as high as that of a real baby. There are models whose bodies are also made of vinyl, but since the realism is less, they are less popular.

Another detail to highlight when using this material on a reborn baby is the hair . The one used is natural, but not from humans because it is very thick, but from animals like goats or llamas . Several hairs can be grafted into the same hole or just one to make them more realistic. Another option is to paint it , which avoids the problem of it falling off due to friction. And since we're talking about painting, you should know that these babies are painted and that after each layer they must be placed in a special oven so that the paint sets.

In summary, the advantages of using this material in a reborn baby are realism; that they can adopt different postures like traditional dolls, that is, sitting down or bending their legs; the wide variety of models available on the market, and that are very easy to wear.


reborn baby detail

The second option regarding the material of a reborn baby is silicone. To distinguish them from the previous ones , they are usually called silicone babies or silicone reborn babies , since the general term refers to vinyl. In this material, the entire body of the doll is made of silicone , hence its touch is practically like that of our skin. His weight also rises quite a bit as a result.

When it comes to moving them, the movement is like that of babies ; The head falls back and the limbs do not remain fixed as in vinyl ones. For this reason, silicone reborn babies do not allow the positions that we mentioned before, precisely because of the freedom of movement of legs and arms. Other advantages are the possibility of bathing them and that they are very cuddly. It is important to know how to care for them !

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