Do you already have your Petra and Neala dolls at home?


Now we want you to know some accessories that you can use while playing with them.

We present our collection of doll dresses ! Different colorful outfits that you will love.

Neala with Chick Nadur Pink

The dresses for dolls that you cannot miss

If you spend hours playing with your dolls, it is normal that little by little their clothes get dirty . I'm sure the same thing happens to yours! So it never hurts to have other outfits with which to dress them. But in addition to this reason, it is always fun to change their clothes ! Especially if you are going to take them for a walk or to play with you in the park. These are some of the doll dresses that you can find in our collection!

Chic Nadur

The Chic Nadur outfit is one of our favorites. And we like it so much that we have 2 versions of it!
One in pink and a dress, the other in blue and overalls.

Chic Nadur PINK

Chick Nadur Pink Dress

Includes a beautiful pink dress with white polka dots , panties to cover the diaper, a yellow cardigan and a hairband of the same color and with a pink bow.

They are created for wrists between 35 and 40 cm, so they are ideal for Nadurines! Although you can also use them with others like the Baby Born or the Nenuco . It will be very easy for you to put them on, and they are a very entertaining way to learn how to dress them correctly. Then you can practice in your own clothes!

Detail photo of Neala with the ribbon from the Chick Nadur Pink outfit

Chic Nadur BLUE

Chick Nadur Blue Set

The other format chic from all over Nadur, it is the Chic Nadur Blue, it is a dungarees in this color with white polka dots and a white knitted cardigan to wear over it. As with colors, there are no clothing items that are specific for boys and girls.

Nil with Chick Nadur Blue

Kuki Dream

Kuki Dream Set

In addition to doll dresses, we also have pajamas! So you can put them on when they go to bed and let them sleep like real little angels . The Kuki Dream pajamas have very soft pink pants with a velvety touch , a white collared T-shirt with pink and violet flowers, and a hat to keep you warm.

Detail photo of the Kuki Dream set

Baby Topitos

Baby Topitos Set

The Baby Topitos is a doll dress with pink polka dots that has no sleeves , making it ideal for the warmer months. Perfect if you go to the beach or the pool ! And to protect them from the sun, you have a matching hat with a pink bow and some panties to cover the diaper.

Detail photo Baby Topitos

Baby Pink

Baby Pink Set

The Baby Pink is a set that consists of two pieces; a white long-sleeved t-shirt with pink cuffs and collar and a frog with stars also in pink. To make it easier for you to put it on, it has buttons and elastics.

Neala with Baby Pink

But if you don't like everything to be in this color, you also have the same set but in blue! Because no color is for a boy or a girl, but we can all choose the ones we like the most.

Baby Pink Blue

Pink Cake

Pink Cake Set

Also for summer, the Pink Cake doll dress will be the center of attention wherever you go with your Nadur ! With stripes also in pink and a hat, you won't have to worry about the sun.

Petra with the Pink Cake outfit

Do you like these doll dresses? Run and get them!