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Alimenta a tu bebé reborn con el nuevo biberón mágico

Feed your reborn baby with the new magical bottle


If you already have the magical bottles from our store at home , you will know how fun it is to play and feed the dolls with them. It's like they really eat! Now, we have another magic bottle that is even more interesting. And if you have never played with one of this type, what better opportunity than this to do so!

Advantages of playing with bottles and dolls

Dolls, and particularly reborn babies, aim to recreate the care of a real baby . For this reason, both his body and his skin, his hair and his expression look very similar to reality, unlike the traditional plastic ones that are all very similar to each other.

But in addition to appearance, with a reborn baby you will be able to put into practice the activities that boys and girls demand at a very early age. Food is the most important of all ! Since they need to strengthen their body to face growth and create a barrier that helps protect them from viruses.

With the use of bottles, and especially if you opt for the magic bottle, you not only learn to care for others and have empathy for their needs. But they also allow you to work on manual skills, such as motor skills, and develop your imagination . Although the bottle is emptying, it is the boy or girl who must visualize in his or her mind that he or she is really finishing it.

Why do we love our new magic bottle?

First of all, and just in case you don't know what it is, a magic bottle is one that, when tilted, visually gives the sensation that it is being emptied , since its contents seem to disappear. A while ago we explained how the magic bottle works , so we leave it to you again in case you want to delve into the details.

But today the one we present to you is a completely different one ! This is what you can see here ; Its shape is ergonomic and it has a hole in the central part , which will make it easier for the boy or girl to grip. Since their hands are smaller than those of adults, it is more comfortable than traditional cylinder-shaped bottles.

Regarding the materials, the same ones used in real baby bottles have been used, which gives it a realism never seen before . And the Antonio Juan brand has a long history in handmade toys!

Born in Onil, Alicante , in 1958, she has dedicated her career to manufacturing handmade dolls in which great attention to detail is taken . Freckles, skin folds or asymmetrical expressions like a real baby would do. This same way of working is what they apply to all their products, and that is why we are fascinated by the magical baby bottle they have created.

If you want to have it at home and enjoy playing and learning with it, run to the store now ! And to take advantage of the order, go through all the categories because we have offers available!


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