Original Halloween costume ideas


One of the most terrifying nights of the year is approaching, but also one of the most anticipated by children and adults. Do you already know what you are going to dress up as? If you don't want to recycle those from other years, here we bring you some proposals for original Halloween costumes ! You can make them at home!

The best Halloween costumes for this year

Costume parties are some of the most fun we can have, because we wear the clothes of our favorite Machiavellian characters . This year we bring you some proposals for original Halloween costumes, which boys and girls can use equally according to their preferences. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Childhood is a time to experiment and learn new things every day, and Halloween, like carnival, is an excellent opportunity for them to dress in whatever they want to fall into prejudices or stereotypes. Enjoy this long-awaited day! And if you also want it to be educational, try creating the costumes at home !

Edward Scissorhands

This movie is an all-time classic and is perfect as a proposal for Halloween costumes. Eduardo is a young man who was created as a robot, but it was left unfinished and instead of hands, he has scissors. Although his character was not evil, quite the opposite , his very pale face, his disheveled black hair and his hands full of blades give him a sinister appearance, which is ideal for a night like this.


The Joker is a comic book character also known as Joker or Wild Card , and who has recently been made into a film. He is characterized by a very particular sense of humor and although his appearance has changed over the years, today he is easily identified by his green hair, his violet suit and makeup that resembles a clown . The face painted white, the red lips drawing a big smile that goes beyond the corners, the nose also red and the eyes with two blue diamonds.


La Catrina is a character and icon of Mexican culture that was born as a caricature . However, its later representation for the Day of the Dead is so peculiar, that it is another of our favorites in Halloween costumes. The idea is to draw a skull on the face; marked teeth, black eyes and nose to give depth and again a white background, but decorated with flowers in her hair and clothes . Nowadays, despite its appearance, it is represented as full of color, and that is why we love it!


You probably know Maleficent, the evil witch from Sleeping Beauty . Also adapted for the cinema, it is the woman of a thousand faces, as it demonstrates her ability to love and to fight for what she wants, as well as her revenge . You will need a black coat and a hat with two horns that you can make at home.


The last of our Halloween costumes is a classic , but one that you can adapt to your own tastes. We wanted to include it because it is very practical for young boys and girls . You will need a black mesh or t-shirt and pants, and on top of that , paint bones with a white marker or cut them out of a sheet and sew them .

And these are all our Halloween costumes! We hope you have a very special and, above all, terrifying day!