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¿Cómo se cuida un bebé Nadurín?

How do you take care of a Nadurín baby?

If you already have your favorite Nadurín baby at home, today we want you to learn how to care for him! It does not need the delicate care of a reborn baby , but it is important that you take into account what its routines are. Let's go with them!

The care routines of a Nadurín baby

Just as real babies have their needs and need to be given time and care , the same thing happens with little Nadurines. At the end of the day, the objective of playing with this type of dolls is to develop empathy, learn to get involved in the care of vulnerable people and promote motor skills in minors . That is, skills such as coordination or manipulation of small objects.

For that, nothing better than knowing the routines that a Nadurín baby follows . In reality, they are very simple because they do not differ too much from the ones you probably follow at home. But as you know that we love to share with you everything we know, we leave you with the care for your friends!

Give him the bottle

One of the most important cares for any Nadurín is food . To do this, you can use traditional magic bottles or our latest addition; A magical baby bottle with an ergonomic design that fits perfectly in the small hands of boys and girls. And if you don't want anything missing, don't miss the unicorn changing table ! In addition to the bottle, bring plates and cutlery, a baby food holder, a pacifier and other products to take care of baby Nadurín on a daily basis or if you go on a trip .

Your Nadurin's bathroom

Bathing the Nadurín baby is another of the most relevant care that you cannot ignore. To do this, the first thing you must do is take off their clothes . A great exercise to gain ease using your hands! When they are ready, put warm water in a small bathtub or basin. If they touch the bottom they will remain seated without falling.

Put a little very mild soap and sponge very gently over your body and hair . Rinse very well so that no residue remains! If your Nadurin is Nil, he will have a hard time wanting to get out of the water! But if you have Petra at home, being the daughter of fire, bathing will not be one of her favorite activities. In case you need it, here are all the details of the bath routine !

Night routine for your baby Nadurín

After a long day of games and activities, and with food and bath ready, it's time to get ready to go to rest ! You must remember that each Nadurín has his own personality and sleeping tastes . Malik, for example, doesn't have to be reminded that it's bedtime, since he usually falls asleep before we tell him! However, Petra, who is pure energy, always has something to do and doesn't want to go to bed.

You will have to put them in their pajamas and take them to bed. But if someone doesn't want to, we have an infallible trick! And it is reading them the story of the Nadurines ; Everyone loves to remember their adventures and their mission!


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