Even those who greatly enjoy spending time at home can become bored when it becomes excessive. If you have already taken out all the toys they had in the closets and you have run out of ideas, we leave you some tips that will be of great help to you to invent new games .

Five tricks to create games at home

It's normal to run out of ideas from time to time, it happens to all of us. Therefore, if we are trying to be creative and discover new games to try at home, The last thing we should do is put pressure on ourselves to come up with something . If you find yourself in this situation, here are some tips that may help you invent new games.

Combine your hobbies

Obligations aside, you'll most likely spend the rest of the day trying to dedicate time to your favorite activities . For example, practicing a sport adapted to your home, creating stories, Carnival costumes of the drawer, etc.

To give a different touch to the monotony of the day, We suggest that you combine your favorite hobbies . Thus, if you have become accustomed to doing some physical activity, you can try doing it dressed up, or if your hobby is stories, choose your favorite dolls or objects and try to develop a story with them.

Transform your obligations into a game

In a day there is time for everything, and in addition to doing what we like most, it is also important to fulfill our obligations. But… Do you know that you can transform any task you have to do into a game? Yeah! It doesn't matter if it's schoolwork or cleaning up your room, learning through play is always much more fun. Read what you need to study as if it were a story or personify it, or accompany yourself with music to make it more enjoyable.

Use the resources you have at home

Now that we are spending a lot of time at home, it is the perfect time to review everything we have accumulated in recent years. We can guarantee you that these days You will find many toys and other things that you thought were lost and that will serve to entertain you for a while.

Alternate activities

There is no worse enemy of creativity than becoming obsessed and putting pressure on oneself. If you can't think of what you can play, Disconnect and do anything else that may be routine . Take a shower, put your things in order, help prepare lunch or dinner... In short, activities in which you don't have to exercise your mind. You'll see that when you least expect it, new ideas will occur to you!

Remember that it is also okay to do nothing

Finally, it is important to remember that Doing nothing is also perfectly normal and healthy . And if you don't believe it, look at the animals! Do you think they get stressed or that they try to occupy their time with something? Of course not! So allow yourself the right to do nothing and later or tomorrow you will come up with something new.

As always, we hope that these tips have helped you and we take this opportunity to remind you that in our YouTube channel You can find a multitude of videos to entertain yourself and play.