Going outside to play has its advantages, we are not going to deny it. But if we have to stay home, There are also a lot of things we can do to not get bored! We leave you some games for you to have fun as never before.

Games for children and adults to practice at home

Create your own animated stories

Have you read the stories you have in your room so many times that you know them by heart? Well, it is an excellent opportunity for recreate them as if it were a theater ! Choose the one you like the most or one that does not need very complex elements.

For example, if you need to recreate a forest, mountains, a city or a river, you can use elements you have at home. With clothes or sheets you can create reliefs that go up and down, a blue scarf can be the water that goes down the slopes and with the plants we have at home, include vegetation.

If you know the text by heart, you just need to find your characters. And if you prefer to test your creativity, make your own dolls with cardboard or even felted wool. You dare?

Invent new stories

Did you like the previous idea, but Do you want to tell your own story and also be the protagonist ? Excellent! You can open the trunk carnival costumes or those you have designed on previous occasions. Both you and other family members can participate and thus include more characters.

Write your story with the dialogues on a piece of paper and set up the entire set. Each participant will have to learn their text well, so Between the preparations, the learning and the staging, you will have entertainment for the entire day.

Find the lost objects

When we spend time at home, we become aware of the number of secret corners and hiding places it has. So, what better occasion than this to play to hide objects around the house and find them in turns.

To do this, you can Ask questions that help you get clues . But be careful, if you ask too many questions, the game will lose all its fun. Try to be original and make your playmate have to work hard!

Test your memory

If you think you're good at remembering what you see, it's time to put it to the test. For this game, You can use the dolls you have at home or any other object . If they are small in size it will be somewhat more complex.

Start by putting several and giving them a few seconds to observe them. Next, the participant will turn around and remove an object. Turning around again, It will be necessary to identify which one is missing . How long do you think you will be able to?


Do you feel like moving your skeleton and not just your mind? Then the gymkhana will be the most suitable game. The possibilities are multiple and varied, since depending on what your home is like you will have to adapt them.

For example, You can create circuits . With chairs lying on the floor in two rows and covered with a blanket we can create a passage that will have to be crawled through; The edge of a bed can be a trampoline from which to jump to reach a designated area on the floor, and large garbage bags will serve to imitate sack races. Anything you can think of that is fun and doesn't involve any risk will be valid.

We hope that with these games to play at home you will have a good time and take advantage of all the energy you have accumulated. And if you have time left, you can visit our Youtube channel or play with our new App .