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¡Todos a sonreír! Hoy es el Día Mundial de la Sonrisa

Everyone smile! Today is World Smile Day

Since 1999, World Smile Day has been celebrated on the first Friday of every October. And although we Nadurines don't need extra reasons to smile, today we will do it more than ever to encourage other people to do so too! Do you know the history of this particular day? We'll tell you!

Why World Smile Day is celebrated

The celebration of World Smile Day was proposed in 1999 by Harvey Ball ; a commercial artist who was the creator of the well-known yellow happy face , and who is probably the one that gave rise to the emoticons that we use every day on our mobile phones. A very simple image, but one that has managed to have a great impact worldwide!

Harvey wanted the day to be used to bring smiles and happiness to those with difficult lives . After he died two years later, an association was created in his name that made the celebration of World Smile Day official. And to this day, activities continue to be carried out and funds raised for charitable purposes . That is, so that people in need anywhere on the planet can enjoy them. What a good idea, right?

However, Darwin and I, Neala , who know that we like to ask ourselves questions about what is happening in the world, want to explain to you the difference between two concepts that are surely familiar to you: charity and solidarity .

Charity consists of those who have resources occasionally giving a small part to those who do not, while solidarity seeks to ensure that all people have the same opportunities and rights . And so they don't have to depend on anyone! And that solidarity is also what we Nadurines seek with the planet and the rest of the species. It's the only way to make the world a fair place!

But returning to the day we celebrate, you should also know that a smile has the power to transform many things . Both in the people around us and within us. You want to know why?

Benefits of smiles

Something as simple as smiling is very beneficial for our health because:

- Improves our defenses . The immune system becomes stronger, which means it will be harder for us to get sick.

- We strengthen the heart . When we smile and are in a good mood, our heart works calmer, which keeps it very strong.

- We live longer . Smiling extends life! Getting angry or sad is acceptable, but don't let it last all day!

- Reduces pain and stress . In addition to simply making us feel good, it makes us relax when we are tense or feel some kind of pain. Yes, smiling works for everything!

So from now on, at Surprise Fun we encourage you that when you want to feel better or make the people around you do the same, share your smile with them! And if you wear a mask, don't worry because your eyes also reflect your smile. Surely by now you are aware of how quickly we can catch a virus, but smiles are even more contagious than them! Do you dare to take the test?


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