Now that you are surely getting into the rhythm of the new course, I want to tell you a story that will help you develop your own opinion about what you learn . Do you remember that we have always been told that plastic is fantastic and now we know that it does not benefit the planet at all? Well, that's why we can't pay attention to everything he tells us! And the story of the Smug Little Rat seems right to me, since both she and I love to decorate our hair, but appearances can be deceiving! Have they ever told you about it?

What the story of The Presumed Rat tells us

The story goes that Florinda, the Smug Rat, lived in the city and always had her house clean and tidy . She liked to fill it with flowers to make it smell good, and she used to put some of those flowers in her hair.

One day, sweeping the entrance, a coin was found . Surprised, but happy with her find, she began to think about what she could spend it on. First he thought about some candy, but sugar is not very healthy. Then she thought about some pins, and finally decided on a ribbon with which she would make bows for her hair and tail.

With them, she went for a walk through the city, and those who saw her immediately rushed to tell her how beautiful she was and to ask her to marry him . Like for example, Mr. Donkey:

- Oh how pretty you are! Will you marry me?

-And what will you do at night?, she said.

-Hi-hooo! Hi-hooo!

- Oh no! With that loud noise I won't be able to sleep.

The rooster also tried his luck .

- Will you marry me, beautiful Ratita?

-And how will you do at night?

- At night I will sleep peacefully, but as soon as the sun rises I will tell the whole town, kiiikirikiiii!

- So early? I won't be able to rest like this!

Shortly afterward she came across a small mouse like her, but tired, she did not pay attention to it . However, the sweet cat that was there did, and after promising her sweet meows every morning, he invited her to the park for a picnic . When they arrived and Florinda went to take out the food, she discovered that the basket was empty, since the cat's intention was to eat it.

But the mouse, who was very clever, had followed them and did not hesitate for a moment to light a stick on fire to scare the cat away.

- Oh thank you, little mouse! I am very grateful!

- Will you marry me?, answered the mouse.

-And how will you do at night?

- Sleep and shut up!

- Then yes!

And so, they got married and lived happily.

What can we learn from this story

If you remember me, you will know that I, Petra , what I like most in the world is learning new things, since I am a daughter of fire, I always have a spark! And although I also love hairstyles and hair decorations, I have had several questions about this story and I want to share them because they will help you reflect.

First of all, I don't know what Florinda does, but when I grow up I want to be an architect and design ecologically sustainable houses that help our friend nature! I don't know if I'll have time to spend all day cleaning like they say in many stories! What do you want to be when you grow up? Lawyers? Businesswomen? Writers? There are so many possibilities!

Also, I don't know if I want to have a husband either , why do you spend your days looking for one? We're still too young to be thinking about that! And the worst of all is that I don't understand why those men are saying comments to him on the street. It would make me very uncomfortable!

And finally, don't you think that if the mouse decides to help her, shouldn't he be expecting something in return for the favor ? A very big mistake that we usually make is that of expectations. If someone is kind, you should say thank you! But that does not mean that we are obliged to give something more.

I hope that my reflection has helped you see that there are many more options than what we usually hear in our environment. In addition to our personal choices, this ability to analyze will be very useful in our mission to continue helping the planet! Now more than ever we must continue fighting!