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Todo niño tiene sus superpoderes | ¿Cuál es el tuyo?

Every child has their superpowers | What's yours?

Have you ever wondered why that girl in your class is so good at math? Or why is there another partner who is always the fastest in races? Well, it's because they, like you and us, Darwin and I, have Superpowers . Do you know what yours are?

What are superpowers

No one , in any corner of the world, no matter what they look like or what resources they have, He is better than anyone . Simply, We're different . The same happens if we compare ourselves with other living beings, such as animals and the plants . Even among them, there would be no way to make a classification between species, since Each one has its own abilities . That is, his superpowers.

However, it does help us understand what we mean. Imagine that we hold a contest among animals and we want to choose the best one. How could we require an elephant to jump or a monkey to lift something very heavy ? Or making a bird run very fast and a cheetah fly very high. It would be impossible, right?

The same thing happens between people . There are those who manage to get good grades in everything, but perhaps it is more difficult for them to relate to others. Or maybe you are very good at them languages , but numbers are more boring to you. This does not mean that one is smarter than another or a better student or person. The only thing it indicates is what is naturally easiest for us.

Have you understood what superpowers are?

Find out which ones are yours

Me, Neala , I'm very good at it talk to people and animals and spread the messages which I consider to be important. Such as helping the planet or spending time with our friends. Darwin … Well, he had magic to fill the world with love , but for the moment we are still working on recovering his superpowers.

And you, have you ever stopped to think about what yours are? There are those who take longer to discover them , but that does not mean that they do not have them. In reality, when we go to school, we only learn about some subjects, such as mathematics, language, sports. And yet We forget about others that are perhaps more important, such as empathy, awareness of the planet or the art of building things. for ourselves, as toys or costumes.

To learn to know what our superpowers are, you have to have a little patience. Did you know that some scientists like Albert Einstein got bad grades? And it turns out he was a genius! What was happening to him was that He had not discovered what really fulfilled him , and that was physics and all its complications. You too can be a genius!

So from here we encourage you to discover new hobbies and not compare yourself with your classmates or even your family. Your superpowers are within you, all you have to do is find them!


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