Recently we told you that the Universal Day of the boy and girl ; a date on which rights are remembered that they have and we fight for them to exist in all the countries of the world. Today, we want to propose to you some games for boys and girls that will help us be aware of these basic needs that many lack. Do you dare to play?

Games for boys and girls to learn while having fun

In addition to school duties and other obligations such as cleaning our room or brushing our teeth, We have some rights . These They ensure that we grow up healthy, in an environment where we are loved and respected, with medicines and books to learn.

Although all this is normal for us, many people in the world do not have a blanket to cover themselves with or time to Play with his friends . To learn more about the others, we leave you some games for boys and girls that will make you put yourself in someone else's shoes . Ready to see the world from other eyes?

Guess who I am

In the first of the games for boys and girls we are going to work the right not to be discriminated against . Is that Don't treat us differently just because we are who we are . That includes our race, color, religion, country of origin, etc.

To play we will need several participants and tape paper or stickers. In each one of them We will write a characteristic , such as skin color, religion or gender. The latter means that if it is a boy it will be a girl and vice versa.

That sticker will be placed on someone's back without them seeing it, and the other participants will treat you accordingly . At the end, the person wearing the sticker must say how you have felt and together reflect on what you have done well and what you have not done . Anyone, regardless of who they are, has the same rights.

The guide

In the second of the games for boys and girls We will focus on empathy and trust . That is, putting ourselves in the other's place and trusting in their good intentions. Two people are enough to play. We will completely cover one's eyes and the other will be her guide, and then they will exchange each other.

Just walk around the house or do some activity such as preparing the table, picking up toys, etc. The idea is feel how vulnerable we can be and the need for another person to help us . Each participant will explain how they felt.

Agree or Disagree

The third of the games for boys and girls that we bring you to reflect on is that An adult proposes a series of phrases that have a discriminatory basis . Participants will have to respond in writing or orally if they agree or not and why. It can be done anonymously and then read the answers out loud or participate together. The objective is reflect on how we act and how this makes the other person feel.

Some examples of phrases are:

- Those who have problems learning should go to another class so as not to delay the rest

- Boys play sports and girls take care of dolls

-The rich should be treated differently than the poor

- The poor do not deserve to learn

- Dad rules at home because he is the boss

- Better to keep quiet so as not to make a fool of yourself in public

These are the games for boys and girls that we propose to celebrate this important day. And as always, we encourage you to invent others that also help you reflect on the world around us.