He Carnival It is a party in which we all want to have fun. Since it is once a year when we have the opportunity to dress up , it becomes a unique occasion that we cannot miss. There are so many people gathering in the streets! But we must be careful and pay attention, because we have been told that there is a villain who is dirtying everything . We have the mission to find him !

We are superheroes and superheroines

Taking care of the planet is hard work, since we continually encounter challenges. While we look for a way to recover the connection with the Earth and protect it , it seems that the products of the factories and the habits of many people fight against us to continue causing damage.

Even so, we are certain that, if we continue to set an example and by spreading our message, we will ensure that more and more people join us and the situation on the planet will not become irreversible. That is, a solution ceases to exist.

Luckily, every few months we have the opportunity to distract ourselves with some parties. And now It's Carnival's turn ! It seems incredible that he is already here again. We have used some scraps of fabric and cardboard that we had at home and we have designed our own recycled costumes . Now we are Super Neala and Super Darwin!

And thank goodness it occurred to us to create this perfect outfit, because They have entrusted us with another mission in this Carnival . Being responsible gives you work 24 hours a day! But we don't care. It seems that there is a villain on the loose who is not behaving as he should, and who is causing the streets to be a tide of bottles, glasses and all kinds of garbage packaging. We must find him!

Who is the villain of the carnival

With so many people together, finding the Carnival villain becomes complicated, but we have decided to follow the trail of abandoned waste to try to find him. The problem is that It's so easy to get into bad habits ! And when we are disguised, it is even more difficult for us to find him.

- Hey, Darwin, look! Couldn't that be the villain of the Carnival? All he does is pick up glasses and more plastic glasses and leave them on the floor. And it seems like everyone around him does the same. We have to go after him!

- Yeah! Let's surround him! (Super Neala and Super Darwin approach the Carnival villain and between the two of them they manage to hold him back).

- Quiet! Hands up!

- Neala... We are not police either...

- Oh! True... Well... Drop what you have in your hands! But don't throw away the glasses! Pick up the glasses! Why do you still use those plastic cups?! - The Carnival villain looked at Neala a little confused...

- What we are trying to understand is Why are you not aware of the problem that exists on the planet ? Don't you know that even fish feed on the plastic in the sea? We can't continue using it! And much less leave him lying in the streets like this.

- I'm sorry… I didn't think it was really something that serious. Since the damage it causes is not seen... But listen! I am willing to make a deal with you. I will help you spread this message at Carnival using my own experience. I'm sure we can make many other people understand!

And so, Super Neala and Super Darwin became friends with the Carnival villain and together they continued to help raise awareness among everyone around them. Do you also dare to be a superhero this Carnival?