Like every year, the time to celebrate Carnival is approaching again; one of the most fun times of the entire year ! However, as in most human celebrations, A lot of waste is also generated . If you want to avoid them, today we are going to explain to you how to make a costume with recycled materials . There will be none like yours!

How to make a costume with recycled materials

Fires, rising sea levels, droughts... All the natural disasters we are witnessing are partly the consequence of the little care that human beings have shown towards the planet . Factories that pollute, the creation of single-use plastic packaging or excessive meat consumption create an imbalance in the Land . To the point that this It can no longer regenerate itself .

For this reason we must be conscious with each of our actions. From opting for alternatives such as glass or unpackaged food, or how it works for us in this case, choose to create what we need . Imagination is always our great ally! So let's find out how we can make a costume with recycled materials.

-Hey Darwin, do you already know what you're going to dress up as this year?

- Mmm, I'm still not sure. I'm taking a look at everything we've accumulated since we began our mission . We have cardboard, magazines, some microplastics that we collected in the beach cleaning … Something will occur to me!

- Yes, I have been looking and I have some clothes that have started to tear . That could also help us.

- We are going to gather everything we don't really need or that we don't use and see what we can think of.

Making a costume with recycled materials is that simple. Just take a look at everything we find at home and with all this give free rein to our imagination . To make it easier for you, we are going to leave you some examples.


Do you have a favorite fruit and you love to eat it daily? Well, making a costume with recycled fruit materials is very simple! First of all, what color is it? Lemon yellow, orange or avocado green? Surely In your closet you find some clothing of this color , and if not, you can use cardboard or paint cardboard in the tone you need.

Heroes and heroines

These types of costumes usually include masks and similar clothing that We can easily do it with a piece of fabric . For clothing, you can also use clothing of a certain color or opt for black and decorate it with scraps on top. AND If you need a layer, I'm sure a sheet can help. or recycle a costume from another year. You can invent your own hero or heroine!

funny wigs

Another option to make a costume with recycled materials It's giving prominence to your wig . If you have a swimming cap, it can serve as a base or use a hat you have at home. The important thing is that it stays fixed in your head!

Toilet paper cartons placed side by side can simulate curls. Or you can also place them upright if you want a hat with height. Any cardboard works for you to create shapes! You can glue pieces of fabric to them as if they were hanging hair, or you can also paint or draw on them to recreate some fantasy.

And that's how simple it can be to make a costume with recycled materials. Keep in mind that there is no single method or magic formula for creating fun fantasies. It all depends on what you can get and what you use it for!