For quite some time now, Darwin and I, Neala, have been the main protagonists of this story. But it's time for you to meet our friends! They are also part of our mission to achieve reconnection with nature, so it is important that you know who they are.

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The history of nadurines

Do you remember where nadurines come from? Just in case you don't remember our story, Nadur is a magical little island full of energy. Everything we see on Earth is also there, but in a much smaller space. Also the inhabitants, that is, us, are like humans, but with pointed ears and a very special personality. We always maintain our optimism no matter what!

Our job, as you know, is to take care of nature. This not only involves the Earth itself, but also its inhabitants, such as animals and plants, and the elements that are part of it, that is, the air or the sea.

Within our island we organize ourselves into different tribes, so that each one is responsible for taking care of a particular element. But we couldn't do all this work alone, so we have special help from our Toris. They, like Darwin, are animals that have a special spark that unites humans with nature.

The problem is that this connection has been lost, and the consequence has been that this flash is no longer available. Something that, in turn, makes our work to protect the Earth even more difficult. And it was thanks to Darwin that we realized it!

Now it's about getting everything back to normal. And we are sure that we will achieve it thanks to you!

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Luckily, our brothers have arrived to help us. Do you want to know who they are?


Although Darwin and I already know them, you don't know who they are, so we are going to introduce them to you so that they can also be your friends.

Nil and Marie

Nil and Marie

Nil is the nadurín who was born from water, so his role is to take care of it. He has a very calm personality, just like the sea when it is calm, and he enjoys watching the waves of the sea. Of course, its colors are blue and white.
And how does Nil help the planet in this mission? Making sure the taps are closed.
As for his Tori, Marie, she is a very friendly female octopus with a French accent who eats algae.

Petra and Edison

Petra and Edison

Petra is a daughter of fire, so she is pure energy. Always willing to learn something new and play non-stop, she is responsible for keeping humanity motivated to never neglect the Earth. As expected, its colors are red and orange. And do you know what he does in his free time? Hairstyles!
Her Tori is Edison, a dragon who always carries a bag, you never know what you might need!

Malik and Sally

Malik and Sally

Malik is the son of the air and stands out for the tan color of his skin. You will barely be able to understand what he says because he has not yet learned our language well, and that is why he has the ability to make others laugh. His hobbies at the moment consist of sleeping, but he already has his favorite colors: yellow and brown. As for his Tori, it's Sally; a know-it-all bee who acts as Malik's translator.

Little by little we will tell you more stories about the Nadurines. We hope you are eager to learn more about them. Do you already have a favorite?

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