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¿Sabías que también existe la Mamá Noel?

Did you know that Mother Christmas also exists?

The Christmas always revolves around the figure of Santa Claus or Santa Claus, since he is in charge of Giving gifts away to boys and girls around the world. But did you know that Does Mother Christmas also exist ? Keep reading and we'll tell you who he is.

Who is Mother Christmas?

Santa Claus does not work alone, but has a large number of helpers behind your back who help you make everything possible . Or did you think that one person alone could carry out so much work? Of course not!

First of all, there is Rudolph , who accompanies Santa Claus when he is traveling the world and is in charge of indicating where they should go. And he also has his work team. Do you remember that a long time ago we told you what the reindeer names and their characteristics ? Well, they, as you will actually remember They are females , they complete this first group.

In addition to the reindeer, there are the elves and elves , who are the ones They help pack all the gifts and place them on the sleighs so that no one lacks anything. However, they are not perfect either, and that is why they sometimes make mistakes with the gifts they send. If it happens to you this year, you already know the reason.

But everything does not end here, and there is another character who is in charge of reviewing all orders . And this is, nothing more and nothing less than... Mother Christmas! Toy supplies are limited, and so is space on the sleds. So while Santa Claus is in charge of preparing the trip, It is Mother Christmas who checks how we have behaved and makes the final selection of the gifts.

What else do we know about her?

The first time we heard about it was in a poem by Katherine Lee Bates, called Goody Santa Claus. Goody, which comes from English and refers to something good, is the name given to this lady so unknown to most. Its meaning would be something like “kind woman.”

Her residence, like that of Santa Claus, is at the North Pole , although Mother Christmas has also been seen in Greenland, Finnish or Swedish Lapland. Of course, often accompanied by elves and the team of flying reindeer. In order to move quickly, she also needs a means of transportation.

Her clothing is very similar to that of her husband; a red dress and a set of pants and sweater for when she wants to be more comfortable . Although she likes to prepare gingerbread cookies, which are those that are shaped like a doll, His favorite thing to do is relax by the fireplace or deal with letters. with the orders. Due to his great goodness, he is able to make millions of boys and girls happy, making them all receive, to the extent possible, what they want most.

Now that you know Mother Christmas, you can remember her when you write your letter for this year. Remember that not only Santa Claus is in charge of doing all the work, but it is the union of everyone's forces that allows Christmas night to be a true success.


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