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El superpoder de Santa Claus de viajar por todo el mundo en una noche

Santa Claus's superpower of traveling around the world in one night

If you remember what we told you last month, you will know that Each and every one of the people who inhabit the planet has some type of superpower . That is, some skill in which we stand out above the others. Already Santa Claus It also happens to him; yours is to be able to travel the entire world in a single night.

The secret of Santa Claus

We have all wondered how Santa Claus or Santa Claus to travel the entire planet in such a short time. But not everything always has an answer. There are skills that accompany us from the moment we are born and when we work on them they become a superpower.

In the case of Santa Claus, it is clear that he is very organized , otherwise how could I visit so many children? Although also, it must be said, it is due to all the helpers that you have working with him. His reindeer, the elves and Mother Christmas.

And this means? That any superpower has a lot of effort behind it. Just because Santa Claus has a skill doesn't mean he can sit idly by. On the contrary, combining your work with His superpower is what allows him to visit so many homes. on the same night.

Keep in mind that he doesn't just leave gifts for those of us who live in this country. It also does it in others that are very far from here. Take the opportunity to look at a globe or a map of the world and learn how many different places there are on Earth.

Some theories that help Santa Claus

But in addition to the superpowers that Santa Claus may have to direct his entire team and thus make the cast, we wanted to ask some scientists about other options. In reality, nothing is clear, since it has so much work that you can't stop for a minute to explain to anyone how he does it. Surely you have tried to see him sometimes, but it is impossible!

He has many assistants

By working as a group and joining forces, many more things are achieved. than when we do it separately. So there is a chance that Santa Claus has small communities of helpers in every part of the world. In this way, he would only have to come and leave the bags, and they would be in charge of taking them to each house. Being much smaller than him, it would explain why we don't see them.

Can be in several places at the same time

Science is what has allowed us to know how our actions affect the planet , and also the ways in which we can help it. We have also discovered space, we have traveled to the Moon and we have created airplanes to circulate in the sky. In short, practically everything is or could be possible. So another theory is that Santa Claus has the ability to be in several places at the same time.

Only he knows

Finally, we have another possibility. And it is that only Santa Claus knows the secret of his superpower It hasn't occurred to us yet. But it doesn't matter, as long as you are able to continue doing your job, we don't mind not knowing the answer.

And you, how do you think Santa Claus uses his superpower to travel around the entire planet?


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