Although during our childhood we need our mother and father to survive, the boys and girls of the world also have our rights as people . To remember it and so that no one is left unaware of it around the world, Universal Children's Day is celebrated. Did you know?

Why we celebrate Universal Children's Day

November 20 of each year is Universal Children's Day . The reason why it is celebrated on this date is because that same day, in 1959, the United Nations (UN) approved the Declaration of the Rights of the Boy and Girl.

However, it was not enough to achieve the objectives they wanted to achieve, since it was not mandatory to comply with it. So after 10 years of meetings and struggle, the Convention on the Rights of the Child was reached. On this occasion, compliance was mandatory for all those countries that had signed it.

What is celebrated on Universal Children's Day is to remember that text, in which fraternity between boys and girls of the world was proposed; that is, treating each other as brothers and sisters, and social and cultural activities to improve their well-being.

However, although November 20 is the day marked on the calendar, many countries, including Spain, celebrate it on another date. Here, except in Madrid which is in May, it is celebrated on April 15.

The differences between boys and girls in each country

In some countries, like ours, we do not have serious problems such as a war. We also do not go hungry nor do we have to work as children to help our families. Perhaps we are not aware of it, but the clean water that we have at home to drink, the food in the refrigerator , the warm bed to sleep on and the toys to have fun with are something that not all boys and girls in the world enjoy. world have access.

But in addition to all this, there are two very important things that are not missing in our lives: health and education . Getting up early to go to school is sometimes a pain, but it also has its advantages. In addition to making friends, we learn many things, and thanks to that knowledge when we grow up we can become whatever we want .

And when it comes to health... How many times have you gotten so sick that you just wanted to be in bed? And the bumps from falling? Having medicines that cure us and help us get well is also lucky.

Therefore, with Universal Children's Day we remember the need to offer everyone in the world these same rights that we enjoy every day, regardless of the situation their country is going through. Since we are still very young and need our fathers and mothers, we are the ones who have the worst time when there are conflicts.

This upcoming Universal Children's Day is an excellent opportunity to spend time with our families and our friends. And also to remember that we must do everything possible so that there is no one on the planet who does not have the rights they deserve.