The Global pollution creates dirt in the air we breathe , and causes lack of rain, never-ending heat or the accumulation of plastic. All the species that live on the planet are affected , and on this occasion we have found the Mafalda pumpkin, which needs our help . Do you collaborate with us?

How global pollution affects us

Yesterday while I was taking a walk through some orchards I met a pumpkin lady named Mafalda . He told me that, although he doesn't want to end up as soup, he does want to be able to serve as food. And even though the taste of vegetables is too strong for boys and girls, they are very nutritious for them.

He told me that Global pollution is affecting you . The Earth has always suffered changes in the climate , and species, especially humans, have known how to adapt to new circumstances to survive. However, These changes are happening very quickly and they do not have time to prepare . It's as if today you were wearing your coat and scarf and suddenly tomorrow it was so hot that it would be possible to go sunbathing on the beach. And you haven't even been able to take out your summer clothes.

In addition to the lack of rain, global pollution affects its growth . And if this were not enough, whenever it appears human beings leave a trail of garbage behind him, which is usually some plastic container.

Have you noticed Darwin that In nature nothing is garbage ? The remains of animals, falling fruits, dry leaves... Everything disintegrates and disappears. However, human beings accumulate enormous amounts of garbage every day. And it's everywhere!

Let's help the pumpkin Mafalda

  • Darwin, we are running out of time to do something about global pollution. Furthermore, the pumpkin Mafalda has the party Halloween and you don't want to miss it.
  • But what can we do with so little time?
  • Well... For the result to be visible, each and every Every single person on the planet should take an action, no matter how small. If we add them all together, they would become something very big. Today, what we can do is clean up where it is and make sure it has enough water and clean air to grow.
  • Great! So I will prepare water and a bag to collect everything we find . Mafalda will have what she needs to grow strong and be ready for the Halloween party.

Surely, if you look around you, perhaps even at home, you will find many plastic containers and few plants. It's not about recycling or putting labels like those they call biodegradable; to reduce global pollution plastic must disappear , and in its place, Fill everything with plants and life.

If we take care of them, Mafalda and all the pumpkins in the world will be able to grow strong and healthy to give us food. But to do this they need the air they breathe to be clean, as much as we need it. Enjoy this Halloween, and be aware of how our habits affect global pollution.