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¿Sabías que estos son los 4 mejores disfraces de carnaval?

Did you know that these are the 4 best carnival costumes?

He carnival It is one of the perfect times of the year to make our imagination flourish . However, drawings, movies and video games also influence in the elections each year. We tell you what are the best carnival costumes of this year.

The best carnival costumes

We have already started the countdown for the arrival of the next carnivals. They are the most anticipated dates of the entire year! Paint our faces, put on a costume and go out to play They describe what these days mean to us. But that is not all! We become the heroes and heroines we admire so much.

If you remember your costumes from other years, you will probably realize that you have been changing characters. Since your preferences are not always the same. Besides, There is nothing more exciting than being able to choose freely what we consider the best carnival costumes we can wear.

In any case, whether or not you are sure what you want to dress up as, we will tell you what we think are the best carnival costumes. But remember that There is nothing written about tastes , so you decide who you want to become!

Warriors with superpowers

The best carnival costumes are those that make you feel special and have magical powers . For this reason, characters like LadyBug, Wonder Woman or Spidergirl have become some of the most popular. Saving from villains is not an easy job, but it is definitely one of our favorites. Our power has no limits!

In its equivalent version, the best carnival costumes with children's characters are Cat Noir, Spiderman or Batman. But beware!, That does not mean that they cannot choose the previous ones or vice versa . Dress up as your favorite character whoever it is!

Disney classics

Disney never goes out of style, although the best carnival costumes do. They adapt to the new stories we discover . Elsa from Frozen, a sensitive character who you can trust your abilities to create around her what she desires, or Moana, intelligent and ingenious and always in search of new horizons and problems to solve.

Fortnite and the last survivors

Fortnite is a zombie video game in which a group of human-controlled survivors You will have to fight against them. Within this there are different characters, many of which have become popular . The combat soldiers, the skulls, the Black Night and the Brite Bombers are some of the most notable. Of course, they represent some of the best carnival costumes we can wear.

cinema movies

Harry Potter and Star Wars have become two movie classics that never go out of style . Harry himself, Hermione, Darth Vader and the Chewbacca mask are also some of the costumes we can opt for. In addition, there are many accessories that we can carry!

And you, have you already decided what you are going to dress up as at the next carnivals?


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