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Los Nadurines alegran el día más triste del mundo | Blue Monday

The Nadurines brighten the saddest day in the world | Blue Monday

Do you know what the so-called Blue Monday is? In case you don't speak English, it means sad Monday and this name is given to the third Monday in January, which for reasons that we will now tell you is considered the saddest day in the world . We don't know if it's the saddest, but it's certainly a perfect day to learn something new!

Why we have a Blue Monday or the saddest day in the world

You already know that human beings like to mark special days on the calendar , although the normal thing is that they are holidays in which something is celebrated. For example, Christmas , which we have just left behind, Carnival, Easter, etc. They are all moments that remind us of the importance of spending time with family, changing our identity or simply going on vacation.

However, Blue Monday differs from all the others because it is somewhat sad. And what is it that saddens humanity at this time? Well , it is not science at all, it is just a representation of the emotions that people feel . But we are going to explain it to you in a simpler way.

Has it ever happened to you that when your vacation is over and you move away from the sea and the pool and the endless days in the sun with your new friends, you feel sad that it's over? And although you are excited at the same time to go back to school and meet up with your old friends, when classes start, your head is somewhere else.

Well, something like this is what adults experience when the third week of January arrives. Their minds are between the Christmas holidays and getting used to the idea that a new year has begun with objectives and hopes that do not always progress as expected. But it sounds very catastrophic to say that it is the saddest day in the world !

What can we learn from this date

We Nadurines like to celebrate life and all the magic that the planet itself possesses , without having to have dates marked on the calendar. But that doesn't mean we're never sad! Although we are boys and girls, like you, we also feel anger, rage, frustration and sadness. These are all normal emotions and it's healthy to experience them for a while! The important thing is to learn to distinguish them, know why we feel this way and know how to react to them so that they do not last longer. Nothing is so terrible as to ruin your entire day!

So we want to share with you what we do when one of us is overcome by feelings like this , and that will be useful to you if you are having the saddest day in the world. The first thing is not to ask them to change their mood, you have to respect other people's emotions! The second thing is that they tell us why they are like this; This sometimes takes us a while, since it is difficult to find the cause and express it in words. I'm sure you also have a hard time knowing what makes you angry or sad!

In the third step, the intensity of the emotions is much lower, and just being able to express yourself without being judged is liberating! Here, to compensate for discomfort, we look for activities that are pleasant and make us feel good . We encourage you to try! Do you like to draw? Sing and dance? Or just look out the window and take in what surrounds you? If it helps you feel better, it's valid!

Remember that trying to transform any emotion you feel into joy is not healthy for anyone . So if on Blue Monday or any other day you're not as cheerful as usual, that's okay! Letting your feelings flow for a while will be the best thing you can do to make your day end well.


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