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Nadurines: juega y mima el planeta

Nadurines: play and pamper the planet

How many educational video games for boys and girls have you met? Surely it will seem like an idea that has not yet been widely explored in the games market for boys and girls, however, here at Fun Surprises we have our own educational video game!

This is the app for Android and iOS where you will discover the island of Nadur, where our beloved Nadurines live, with a total of 9 mini-games, 6 interactive stories and above all, many, many rewards!

So today it's time to fully explore everything that the official Nadurines game brings. Don't you think it's a fascinating idea to educate little ones to care for the planet?

Why is a game like this important?

Nadurines App Fun Surprises

Games for boys and girls They are very important for their growth, because it allows them to relate to the world, learning basic socialization skills or helps them build their motor skills, understand the needs and intentions of others, etc. Play in any of its forms is usually not just about fun but about learning. We have already talked about this on our blog in articles such as this .

Educational video games In this context, they are a great tool for children from all over the world to relate to concepts of utmost importance today, such as respect for the environment or animals.

The Nadurines are dolls with stories designed precisely for this purpose. That's why the motto is "play and pamper the planet!" And how could it not be otherwise, the Nadurines app rescues this philosophy in each of its games and stories.

How does the Nadurines game work?

When you enter you will see a button where you can click play, a menu will appear with the two modes of the video game: the Minigames and the interactive stories .

Nadurines app to play and take care of the environment

In each minigame there is a mission designed for each of the Nadurines. For example, with Nil you will be in the arctic helping penguins and seals enter their home.

Likewise, there you will see two sections of minigames: action ones to earn rewards and calm ones, where you can use those earned rewards.

Of the five action minigames, three are special for educating about the environment since:

  • In "Clean the Lake" you must help Neala clean the garbage from a lake, there is a lot of it! And as you progress the difficulty increases.
  • With Petra you will learn some basic notions of recycling in "The recycling plant"
  • And in "Turn off the light" with Malik you will learn how to save energy by turning off the lights where he is not. Malik has many obstacles to achieve it!

Nadurines App of Fun Surprises to play and take care of the environment

The other two games are still educational, of course, only their teachings are more subtle. For example:

  • With "Runner: save the toris" you can play with the Nadurín you want to rescue magical animals from Nadúr. What obstacles do you have? Not a few, but one of them is the garbage you find along the way: if you stumble you lose!
  • "The ice puzzle" with Nil is not far behind: did you know that real-life animals from cold climates can lose their homes due to climate change? Nil is in charge of helping them! But you can do something better: know what you can do to contribute to improving the environment.

Nadurines runner puzzle

What rewards are there?

What would become of the educational video games without the rewards? All these action games give away accessories, clothes, seeds and nadumonedas : with them you will have discounts from €2 to €10 in the official store of Fun Surprises to buy Nadurines. Each discount is monthly and cannot be accumulated.

Nadurines App of Fun Surprises

Sometimes the reward can be a toy crab so that your favorite nadurín can entertain himself in the mini-game "Nadurines to the bathroom!"; At other times you can have seeds that you can grow in "The Nadurines' Garden", where you can create essences and soaps for the bath and even prepare a special meal in "Time to Eat".

App Nadurines takes care of Nil

And that's it? Absolutely! As we said, you can also get accessories and clothing so you can dress the Nadurines as you wish in "Dress the Baby": glasses, toris costumes, glasses...

Interactive educational stories

In this section there are six stories and all of them are paid except for the first. This, like the last of the stories, brings together all the Nadurines in an important adventure, in addition... The first story is with the Wise Bird! A character that you will see several times saving the Nadurines in the minigame Runner.

Nadurines App of Fun Surprises

So this awaits you in the first story and with which you can interact for free, what do you imagine will be in the others? Much more fun!

And each story brings together two nadurines who you will have to help to solve problems on the Island of Nadur. Your decisions will set the course of history. Oh, and you might be wondering, what are they about? how are they called?

  • All Nadurines in " Summoning the Wise Bird "
  • Neala and Darwin in " The Kingdom of the Two Prairies "
  • Nil and Marie in " An Aquatic Adventure "
  • Petra and Edison in "The ancient forest "
  • Malik and Sally in " The Uninhabitable Plain "
  • And together again in " Save Nadur! "

Nadurines App to play and take care of the environment

These six stories teach the importance of friendship and caring for our environment. All of these stories are also narrated by the talented Núria from our YouTube channel Funny Surprises, she gives voice to all the characters!


  1. Did you know that this educational game was selected as the best video game of 2020 and 2021 by the Cactus Awards?
  2. Since the update last March 2021, there are more options to play and the level of detail is finer. Look at the action happening in the background! There are details as cute as Darwin playing with a Sally stuffed animal.
  3. It has over half a million downloads on the Play Store and 5-star ratings from 70% of 2,000 reviews.
  4. Works without Internet.

Educational app for boys and girls

Do you want to see gameplays of the official Nadurines video game or know more about them? You can see our videos on the official channels of Fun Surprises , Núria , SDGames and the Nadurines . Take care and see you there!


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