We like summer because it means sun, beach or pool and, above all, playing . But if you have heard the news, you will have also seen that, like everything, it also has a less pleasant side. And they are fires that are caused by very intense heat and that spread by the wind. As you know, Petra is the daughter of Fire, and she feels a little bad because neither she nor her Tori are able to control it. But there will be something we can do!

Why fires occur

It's sad to say, but more than 90% of forest fires that occur are caused by humans . Sometimes it is due to irresponsibility, such as having a barbecue on very hot days, or throwing cigarette butts in the mountains. However, many fires are intentional, either to cause damage or because in some areas it is allowed to build buildings such as hotels on land that has been burned. But green spaces cannot disappear!

The percentage that remains is due to nature itself . The weather sometimes changes and it rains very hard, the wind blows or the sea waves become enormous to Nil's satisfaction. When there is a storm, lightning can set a tree on fire, and if it is hot, the fire will spread very quickly.

Have you ever heard that if there is a fire in a house it is best to close the windows? Our tendency is to open them thinking that the air will help us put it out. But it is quite the opposite! Air contains oxygen, which as you know, we breathe to live. And this also gives life to fire, in a process called oxidation. When we close everything, the oxygen runs out and it helps the fire do as well.

Both in the forests and in the houses, there are many things that serve to fan the flames . Such as trees, curtains, wooden furniture, plastic toys... And the worst of all is that after this, the oxygen decreases and it becomes hotter, so the risk of more fires increases.

Petra wants to sing us something

We have told Petra that it is not her fault, but she feels bad because she does not understand the irresponsibility of human beings. Our mission is precisely to raise awareness for the planet , since we have no other place to live . So she wanted to write a song so that we could sing it together and feel better. Will you join us?

Living fire that you are part of nature

like the sun shining in the sky,

but today I am filled with sadness

because I see how you burn our soil.

But it's not your fault, it's humans,

who have lost consciousness,

That's why we Nadurines sing like brothers,

because it is about our own survival.

We can always keep fighting,

and change our habits for better ones,

We defend the planet by singing,

and we encourage our readers to do so as well.

We hope you liked our song! You can put whatever music you want. Remember not to endanger green areas this summer and continue protecting our friend the Earth. Until next time!