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¡Al agua patos! Los Nadurines van a la piscina

Ducks to water! The Nadurines go to the pool

We recently told you that we went to a pool to celebrate the arrival of summer . And we had such a good time, that we have decided to repeat the experience ! Nil is a little sad because what he likes is the sea and being able to watch the waves for hours, but this summer it has not been possible for us to go there. So we have to look for alternatives! Do you want to know more about our day?

The advantages of going to the pool

There are those who prefer to go to the pool, while other people enjoy being in contact with nature more . As long as the beaches are clean , playing with the waves of the sea or making castles in the sand is more fun, but in the pool we have the opportunity to dive in many ways and we always stand up.

For this reason, and because as you know Nil is a little sad, we wanted to think among the rest of all the advantages of going to the pool . That way, you will be able to see it in a much more positive way and enjoy the day with us. It's okay to feel bad and have other preferences, but it's also important to know how to adapt. So, if you are also one of those who prefer to go to the beach instead of the pool, you will see that it is possible to find fun anywhere. It's always a question of attitude!

- Okay, let's review. I'll start, Neala , and then the rest of you will also say one advantage of going to the pool. We stand and we can jump in many ways. Following…

- But you had already said that! That's no good! said Nil. I want to go to the beach!

- Mmm..., well, in the pools there is also usually more shade and so we get less heat...

-And what we bring with us is not filled with sand! Petra said. Especially Edison's chocolate!

- There are always hammocks and mats to sleep on! said Malik, who, as you know, what he likes most in the world is precisely that.

-And since we always touch the ground, we can play many more things! Neala said. Do you see how I can also find many advantages?

- Okay, okay, you've convinced me. But the next day we will go to the beach!

Some rules in the pool

And so, we took our things and went to a swimming pool where we live. In the end, Nil was the first to run into the water , and he ran so much that he slipped on the curb and that's how he entered the water.

- Piiiiii!, it suddenly sounded. We didn't know there was also a lifeguard at this pool . Boys and girls! he said. You can enjoy the bath, but remember some basic rules. If anyone still doesn't know how to swim safely, don't forget your arm warmers or vest, and before jumping in hastily like you did (Nil blushed a little), walk carefully around the pool and get wet slowly first . As you have already seen, the curb is slippery and you may not always land in the water.

We found it very funny, although Nil a little less so, but we also take the opportunity to remind you to take slipping and the depth of the pool into account before jumping. With that clear, enjoy a wonderful day at the pool!


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