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¿Sabías que existe el Día Internacional del Chocolate?

Did you know that International Chocolate Day exists?

Back to school is approaching, and although learning things and seeing our friends is fun, it is always a bit nostalgic when the vacations, the pool, and the whole days of playing are over. Therefore, today we want to talk to you about something that we know you probably like a lot, since it has its own day of celebration. We're talking about International Chocolate Day !

When and why is International Chocolate Day celebrated

September 13 is the official day on which we celebrate that chocolate is part of our lives. The reason why this day has been chosen is because it coincides, coincidentally, with two designated dates .

The first of them is the birth of Roald Dahl , in 1916. And who is this man?, you may ask. Does the movieCharlie and the Chocolate Factory sound a little more familiar to you? Well, he is the author of the book of the same name, and France wanted to recognize his importance.

The second event that took place on the same day but in another year, specifically in 1957, was also the birth of Milton Hershey . This time we are not talking about a writer, but rather the founder of one of the largest chocolate manufacturing companies of that time.

This coincidence led to September 13 being chosen as International Chocolate Day. But beware! There is also a day for cocoa ! It is July 7, but it is only celebrated in some countries. What it commemorates is his arrival to Europe from America.

Although in our opinion, the date is the least important, any day is a good day to eat some chocolate! Isn't it? And if not, ask Edison !, Petra's dragon Tori, who goes crazy with anything that has chocolate in it. Do you like it as much as he does?

Curious things about chocolate

It is very likely that unlike other foods, such as vegetables, we do not have to convince you to eat it. We know that it tastes much more pleasant! But you know what? You should not trust appearances, since chocolate is actually not sweet but bitter . So if you tried it as it is, you would probably prefer to eat a good plate of vegetables!

Even if you buy it in the supermarket, chocolate, or specifically cocoa, comes from Africa and South America . But as is often the case with products from these continents, the main consumers are in Europe and the United States. Would you be able to locate them all on the map? Germans eat on average about 11 kg per person in a year. That's more than your cat or dog weighs if you have one! In our country we stay at about 4.5 kg, which is the equivalent of three bottles of water.

In addition to its good taste, it has many benefits for our health, and one of the best known is that it helps us improve our mood . What you may like to know less is that the one that is really healthy is not the sweetest one or the one with milk, but dark chocolate. The others have a lot of sugar, which in addition to having no nutrients, is a great enemy of your teeth. Much better to smile with real chocolate black teeth but without cavities!

September 13 is just around the corner, do you already know how you are going to celebrate International Chocolate Day?


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