Fun hairstyles to do for your dolls


Dolls are very versatile when it comes to playing. It is possible to take them anywhere, change their clothes, feed them, make up stories with them and many other possibilities. But in addition, they also allow you to comb them and give them different hairstyles . Today we leave you some so you can make them at home!

Caring for your dolls' hair

On another occasion we have talked about the care that dolls such as reborns need , and although Nadurines are not so delicate, they must also be kept clean and cared for so that they do not get damaged.

Something as simple as dust can make your hair rough and knotted . If you have a dog at home and its hair is long or curly, you can pay attention as the weeks go by and you will see that the feel changes. Hence you have to give them a bath from time to time to remove dust, dirt and dead hair. That's also why you wash your hair !

Our dolls do not lose hair, just like animals or us humans do, so you won't have to worry about this aspect. However, dust will be noticeable, especially if they are always in sight and not stored in a box.

In addition to the hairstyles that we are going to tell you about, you should get into the habit of combing your dolls' hair regularly . To do this, we recommend that you use the plastic brushes and combs that they always bring, since due to the material, the shape of the spikes and the space between them, it is the most suitable. In this way, their hair will remain clean, shiny and knot-free.

Hairstyles to do for your favorite dolls

Two ponytails

Surely more than once you have opted for high ponytails to go to school . Well, today is the time to learn how to make them so that the dolls can also enjoy them ! You are going to need a comb with the teeth well separated, so that you can mark a line in the center of the hair . As you mark it, hold the hair on one side, since with this you will make the first ponytail. Have two elastic bands on hand! And with the other leftover side, you just have to make the other ponytail. To make them look more beautiful you can put a bow.


Braids are one of the most beautiful hairstyles and you can also do one with all or part of the hair or two as we did before with the pigtails. The simplest thing is to separate the hair again, and on each side, divide it into three strands again; It is about crossing each side with the strand in the center , so that it becomes an end. You will alternate one on each side. When you get to the end, put the rubber and the decoration that you like the most.

And that's how easy it is to make fun hairstyles for your dolls! If you need a reference video, in this hairstyle video with Petra we show you how to do them in detail. And don't forget to follow us on our channel !