Did you know that there are almost 28,000 species of fish in the world?

Planet Earth is not only the home of humans, but it is also the home of many other animals and plants. Therefore, we must not only take care of it for our own good, but for the good of all. Today we want to talk to you about the different species of fish that exist in the world. There are more than you can imagine!

How many species of fish are there on the planet?

Fish are vertebrate animals that are characterized by living in the sea and breathing through gills, instead of using lungs as humans, nadurines and even bears like Darwin do, which are also mammals.

Furthermore, they do not have limbs like us, that is, arms and legs, but rather they have fins, which are what allow them to swim. And its skin has scales; Thus, when we touch them in one direction they are soft, but in the opposite direction they become rough.

In the world, there are around 28,000 different species of fish. At least they are known to humanity, since there are many that we have not yet discovered. Furthermore, since the sea is so big and so deep, it is very likely that millions of species of fish are hidden in the depths that we may never see. Can you imagine what they will be like?

Our friends also become extinct

The sea itself is capable of protecting many species of fish because it is not the natural environment in which human beings move. However, some have already become extinct and others are in danger of becoming extinct. Uncontrolled hunting is the main reason why they disappear. And although it may seem to us that it does not affect us, it does have an impact on the lives of other species of fish and other animals, including humans.

As you already know, cats, for example, hunt mice. In turn, mice feed on insects and worms, which also eat others. Thus, the number of inhabitants remains in balance and all species coexist in harmony. Therefore, unbridled human activities are harmful to the survival of everyone and the planet itself in itself.

One of the threatened fish species is the whale shark. To remember its importance, since 2008, tribute has been paid to it every August 30. A date that helps us learn more about this species and the damage caused by illegal fishing, tourism, sea pollution and the excess of boats sailing.

Who is the whale shark

It is the largest fish we know of, and can measure up to 20 meters long. That is, almost the size of a school bus. Don't you think it's incredible? Despite its size, it only feeds on plankton, which are very small organisms that are found in the water although we cannot distinguish them. And as a curiosity, it can live more than 100 years!

These species of fish are gray in color with white spots and stripes, so they are also called domino fish. With a wide head, they have a large mouth, which however lacks teeth, as it does not need them.

Although it is probably not found where you live, we can take advantage of this date to celebrate the importance of all species of fish. And if you're lucky enough to live near the sea, grab some glasses and a tube and watch them!